Inside out chocolate covered strawberries.

I love chocolate covered strawberries.  To look at.  I like the notion of them, in that they’re beautiful on a plate, and that they seem decadent and special.  However, to eat them is a bit difficult.  They are kind of messy… you take a bite, the chocolate cracks, drops everywhere and makes a mess.  Or if they are small enough to fit in your mouth, chances are they still have the stem on them and you still need to take a bite.  (And the chocolate cracks, drops everywhere and makes a mess.)

Then I saw these sort of inside-out chocolate strawberries.

chocolate covered strawberries


I love the concept of these “Not Your Ordinary Chocolate Covered Strawberries” from Beth at Free Stylin’.  You can get the complete tutorial on how to make these yummy (easy to eat!) treats HERE.

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