Make a DIY cover for your Kindle, iPad or tablet.

Hello all!  I have another fabulous and talented blogger stopping by to share a project with you today.  Honestly, Carolyn from homework is always coming up with the most beautiful and and elegant ideas! 

Hi V Spot readers. I’m Carolyn from homework and I’m guest posting here today to help Vivienne out while she focuses on her son’s recovery. I’m so relieved that he is going to be alright and I’m happy to share my little project with you while Vivienne tends to him.

Here’s what I’m sharing with you today. It’s a Kindle cover made out of an old book.
Most of the covers that I’ve seen required sewing and I wasn’t sure I could pull that off. I decided to try a no-sew book style cover instead.
Of course the irony is that you use an old book to cover your new reader.
Kindle Cover Collage
Here’s how I made my Kindle cover:
  1. Start with an old book.
  2. Cut out the book pages with an X-acto knife and trim the ragged edges.
  3. Cut a piece of fabric larger than your book cover.
  4. Use spray mount to adhere the fabric to the book cover and wrap the fabric edges to the inside. Cut the corners so that they are mitered.
  5. Cut pieces of felt to pad the inside and cover the raw fabric edges. Use spray mount to adhere the felt to the inside.
  6. Create a book spine using a piece of ribbon or coordinating piece of fabric. Again use spray mount to adhere the ribbon to the spine. You can use craft glue to reinforce the edges of the ribbon where they meet.
Once the book cover is dry, add a button and piece of elastic to create a closure. I used a vintage wood button and you guessed it, a pony tail holder. To secure the button and elastic, I used E-6000 glue and let it dry overnight.
The Kindle fits perfectly inside the book cover but I realized it could still slip out of the bottom.
I added another piece of elastic – and yes, it’s one of those elastic headbands.
I’m thrilled with my new Kindle cover. It will protect the device and when I’m not using it I can put it up on the bookshelf.

I hope you enjoyed my project.

Carolyn’s work is so lovely!  You really need to check out her blog!  She hosts the Inspiration Board link party every Wednesday, and she also has an ongoing link party where you can find links to all sorts of giveaways and contests.  (If you’re a blogger and have a giveaway, you can link it up there too!)
Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea with us!  I’m going to have to give that a try!



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