Teachers drink wine too…

You know I like wine… and wine cork crafts, right?
Grant made me a wine cork craft for Christmas.  It’s this sweet little “bulletin board” of wine corks, glued onto a ruler.

He also made me a “To-Do” list of what he thought would be a day of bliss for me: #1 Wrap presents; #2 Make coffee; #3 Make breakfast and #4 Watch TV.  Um, OK.

Me: “Grant this is wonderful!  Did you make this at school?”
Grant: “Yeah!  Mrs. Segal (his teacher) had all of the corks already!”
Conner: “Hmm.  She must be a mom too.”

Oh, these kids.  (They get it.)

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  1. says

    Awe!! That’s so sweet! He knows his momma! 😉 Hilarious that the teacher already had all the wine corks! Love it!

    Every since HB, and you telling us that you save all of your corks, I started saving ours. Not sure what I’m going to do with them, but they kinda look cool just sitting in my little jar on the counter.

    Hope you’re having a good week!♥

  2. says

    Haha! I love it. What an awesome gift, and I LOVE the day of bliss note!

    It’s so funny to me that she had all the corks! If that happened here, all hell would break loose!

  3. says

    I love that! I do have to say that if one of our teachers had their class make a project out of wine corks the local goody-two-shoes would have her ass in a sling faster than I could say cheers. Prudes!

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