Why you need The Big-Ass Book of Bling… even if you don’t make jewelry.

A few days ago I shared a wrap up of the SoCal Social blogging event.  One of the highlights of the event, both this year and last, was that the amazing Mark Montano joined us as our guest of honor.

Me, Mark and Bev from Flamingo Toes at last month’s SoCal Social.

If you aren’t familiar with Mark, he is one crazy-talented guy.  He is a crafty genius, a TV personality and a celebrated author.  (Oh, and he also worked as a fashion designer for many years.  Seiously, is there nothing this guy can’t do?!)   He has been part of the design team for TLC’s While You Were Out and the host of TLC’s 10 Years Younger. He was also co-host of the Style Network’s My Celebrity Home, We TV’s She’s Moving In, and FOX’s My Home 2.0. His Big-Ass Book of Crafts series has been the #1 selling craft books in the country for the last 4 years.

Here’s another one that is bound for best selling glory:  The Big-Ass Book of Bling

I need to tell you that I do NOT make my own jewelry, (nor could I design my way out of a paper bag)  however, the creations in this book are enough to make me want to give it a shot.  
Mark’s methods, product recommendations and projects kick-started my imagination on how some of these techniques can be applied in other areas and other mediums.  In other words?  Even if you’re not a  jewelry maker, you need this book.   (And if you are?  Prepare to be inspired.)

First of all, I am revising my letter to Santa to make sure it includes this little glass fusing kiln  (wait for it…) that you use in the microwave!!

Mark made the necklace on the left using fused marbles.  (Marbles!!)  I love the necklace.  And of course it has kicked loose the idea of wine charms and drawer pulls and Christmas ornaments and embellishments on picture frames and…

I am definitely going to choose next year’s Halloween costume based on whether or not it has a crown.  I am so making one of these.

The variety of materials that Mark uses is really amazing.  I am particularly impressed with the pieces made from hardware store materials.  I love the tips and tricks he shares, as well as the fact that while some of the projects seem very detailed and labor intensive, there are others that are great for the beginner.  (Or the impatient.)

The first project I am going to try?  This one.  Guess what it’s made from?

Can you guess…?

You’ll never guess.Paper.  That he put in a blender.  (Of course there are a few other steps, but you will need to read the book to find out.  No spoiler alert needed here.)

There are times when I feel my creativity juice has run dry.  Books like this help me to replenish it.  Two snaps up in a circle!


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