Tree Bark Candle Holders: An easy DIY project

We have a big tree in our front yard and usually it just provides me with fabulous sticks and branches.  For some reason though, it gave us an added bonus this weekend.  The winds kicked up and the lawn was covered with little pieces of tree bark.   Hmmm.  What to do….?  How about glue pieces to empty jars and make tree bark candle holders?

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I had the boys gather up a little pile of the bark pieces for me.  (They’re such good boys!)

tree bark, frosted glass, lanterns, diy, candles, autumn, fall

I grabbed a few empty glass jars and gave them a quick shot of Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass Spray.  Then I just fired up my glue gun and glued the pieces around the sides of the jars.

Wrap a little twine around the middle to finish it off and you’re done.


These are great grouped on a mantel, as part of a centerpiece, or incorporated in any number of ways into your fall home decor.



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