Better skin, using items in your pantry.

Recently, I have been getting comments from people who have expressed surprise when they learned my age (45) or met Devin, my oldest son (20), saying that they thought I was much younger.   (Really!? Tell me more!) 
While lifestyle and genetics certainly play a role, I want to share a couple of my “beauty tips” with you today.

Baking Soda:  This is a great exfoliant and skin brightener.
This is really great during colder months where your skin is getting blasted with cold air and then going into heated buildings.  That back-and-forth exposure can make it look dull.    Take about half a tablespoon of baking soda in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of warm water to make a paste.  Gently apply in a circular motion to your face and jawline.  Rinse with warm water, then with cold water and pat dry.  Brighter, softer skin in minutes for next to nothing!

Sugar:  Great for softening lips.
My lips get super chapped during the winter.  No one wants cracked, flaky lips, so I am addicted to Chapstick.  For this treatment, apply some Chapstick or Vaseline, then take about a teaspoon of granulated sugar and lightly rub over your lips.  It takes off any dry, flaky skin and makes your lips nice and soft.

While I definitely have a bit of sun damage, by and large I think my skin is holding up pretty well, and I attribute that to sunscreen.  Every. Day.  (Click HERE to see how to choose a sunscreen.)

I don’t eat much processed or fast food and I don’t smoke.  I drink a ton of water and I exercise regularly… all of those things have a good affect on your skin.  There are certainly a few other things that I should be better about, such as getting enough sleep and cutting back on my alcohol intake, but that doesn’t always work out.
So, yes, taking care of one’s skin is monumentally important, but I have to give props to good genes.  How cute is my 74 year old mother?

So for skin care, keep it simple.  I don’t think you need to spend a ton of money to get good looking skin.  Just check out your pantry!

(Click HERE for my tip about smooth skin in the shower.)



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    No way would I have thought you are 45, you’re holding up very well, lol. Also crazy jealous of your moms touch of silver. I once tried to talk a stylist into attrmpting to strip the pigment from my hair to achieve such a streak.

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    Don’t get near the oven! You might bake up nice and fluffy! LOL
    Your mom is adorable.
    And also…I know the tip! It’s coffee. I pay attention, see? LOL

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    Your mom is a beautiful 74. Definitely taking care of our health helps enormously with good skin. I have to say, I am thankful I have good genes on my side too. After all the years of sunworshiping as a teenager, my face could be much worse! And, no stretch marks from carrying twins. Ummm….the chest area was a bit of a pregnancy casualty though. I will focus on your chapstick trick instead. My chest area is a lost cause. Thankful for really fantastic bras! And Burts Bees. Never heard of the sugar trick!

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