Using clearance Halloween make-up for your autumn decor…

When hitting the Halloween clearance section, don’t just look for items to use next year, be on the look out for things that you can use right now when decorating for Thanksgiving.

Please trust me when I tell you not to walk, but to run to Target (or CVS or Walmart or wherever) and snap up any of these glitter hair spray cans that you can find on clearance now that Halloween is over.

I scoop these guys up on clearance for pennies on the dollar and keep them with my spray paint stash.

The pumpkin on the right was sprayed with this glitter hair spray.  It adds a little touch of color and just little bit of sparkle.  It looks warm and shimmery as opposed to glittery.

And you know how I love my sticks, right?  Plain sticks and branches get a deeper color and a little bit of shimmer.

This one is a little more difficult to see in the photo, but the stick on the right has been sprayed with the glitter hair spray.  It is a deeper color and has the shimmer from the glitter.  Perfect in a floral arrangement or centerpiece.

When spray painting objects that are definitely temporary or perishable, why would you use the good quality, expensive glitter spray paint?  Save that for a project that really matters.  For temporary, seasonal decorating I don’t think you can go wrong with bargain Halloween Hair Spray.


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