Spooky Spirits: Easy Halloween “potions” you already have in your kitchen.

I have a thing for pretty bottles and decanters.  I always keep my eyes peeled when I am thrifting, hoping to find some cool ones.  So far I have exactly 4, and they are making an appearance in my Halloween decor this year.

These cool bottles got a creepy make-over, thanks to fabulous Halloween Clip Art, courtesy of The Graphics Fairy, and some everyday kitchen items….

I took my collection of bottles and I cut out some Halloween Clip Art, which was printed on regular printer paper.  I gave the skull a soak in a little bit of red wine, and the Life Renewal Potion and Skeleton Key got the same treatment, but with soy sauce.  Just let them float around in there a little bit.

When they have a little color, blot them with a paper towel.  Rub a teeny bit of watered down glue on the back then simply place them where you want them on the bottle.  (They will peel off easily on November 1st.)

I also was able to take some of the Styled by Tori jewelry pieces I have and add it to one of the bottles too.

Then it was time to fill the bottles with my “potions”…

Easy to do… you already have the stuff hanging around, right?  (PLEASE just make sure that no one tries to drink the dish washing liquid, OK?)

Cheapy and Creepy… yay!

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  1. says

    Cr@p. Do you know how many cuegly bottles I’ve passed up thinking they are too ugly to be looked at?
    And why would I not want my MIL to take a cleansing dishwashing- liquidd swig? Next time she opens her mouth after that, she’ll be producing her very own speech bubbles. *plop*


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