Make a Houndstooth Pumpkin from Duck Tape

I love pumpkins.  I love Duck Tape.  I really, really love houndstooth… so it’s only natural that I would make a Houndstooth Duck Tape Pumpkin.

This is so, so, SO easy to do.

Grab yourself some fabulous Duck Tape and a Dollar Store pumpkin.  Split the tape down the middle so that you have thinner strips of tape.  Even though there will still be a little bubble or two, they will lay flatter this way.  Start covering the pumpkin from top to bottom, trying to match up the pattern as you go.  It doesn’t have to be perfect… you’ll get the houndstooth effect no matter what.

I used a bit of double sided tape to cover the stem and covered the top with a few strips of ribbon.  Then just took some grosgrain ribbon and wrapped it around the sides.

Easy, peasy.  Note: I may be crafting up some Halloween goodies right now, but they will not be going up in my home until October 1st.  I try not to rush the seasons, even if I’m super excited for them!


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    You win the creative pumpkin award, hands down! Wait, that doesn’t sound right. I don’t mean you’re a pumpkin; I mean you decorate pumpkins creatively. Oh, whatever.

    You’re a winner. :)

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    That is so awesome Vivienne! We always know we can count on you to come up with some really cool crafts. Oh, and I had a craft fail today! Seriously still think we need to have a “failed projects” linky party. LOL!

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    HI VIv – looked high and low for the duct tape – can’t find it :( Will have to order it online. Can I use one of your images for a roundup on pumpkin decorating that I am doing for a post on Momtastic? I will include a link to your post?


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