Fifty shades of pumpkin. No-carve pumpkin ideas.

OK, maybe not 50, but it sure seems like I did a whole heck of a lot of pumpkins last fall.  As autumn approaches and we gear up  to go into another fall season, I thought I’d do a quick recap of my previous no-carve pumpkins.

I had SO much fun with the pumpkins!

These black and white pumpkin topiaries might be one of my favorite Halloween projects ever! I love the ravens holding up the Halloween banner too!

Black & white pumpkin topiaries for Halloween

Another one of my favorite pumpkin projects ever?  This Crown Pumpkin.  I love the glossy black and the lace crown just makes me happy.

Crown Pumpkin Queen

You know what else?  Every pumpkin needs a bird wearing a hat.  And some bling.  And some paint.

blinged out crow pumpkin

Here are few other pumpkins that I’ve done over the years…  Click to be taken to the easy tutorials.

I kicked things off last year by tearing up an old flannel shirt and covering a fake pumpkin.


Copper pumpkins


Thrift store neckties covering Dollar Store pumpkins.


And since we’re covering pumpkins with thrift store clothing: an old dress gave its life to turn this trick-or-treat pumpkin into a Halloween decor


An old leather belt & various hardware and black spray paint
were used on this Punk-In


Faux silver mini-pumpkins with black sticks.
Speaking of pumpkins and black sticks….


zebra, stripes, pumpkin, black, white, silver
Zebra Striped Duck Tape Pumpkin


Duck Tape works for so many things…
including saving a craft fail.


You can also create a faux mercury glass look by breaking basic spray painting rules.


Of course you can take your Halloween pumpkins and give them a metallic update that will take you right through Thanksgiving.

Loved this fake pumpkin, old plate and candlestick make-over.

One last pumpkin: add a frosty touch for that week in limbo when Thanksgiving is over, but the Christmas decor is still in the attic.

I have lots more ideas in the hopper for this year too.  Who here is excited about fall?!


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    haha! I remember all your pumpkins from last year! : ) I have to say I’m pretty excited about fall… mainly because we moved to Wisconsin and apparently they have fall here : ) I’m not used to seeing those colors… usually it was just summer straight through to December in Texas!

  2. says

    Starting to just barely think about Fall, as in, when will it finally cool down! I am excited to think about Pumpkins and Fall Decor. I did NADA around here last year, it was sad. This year I vow to be more festive. You know my favorite Pumpkin is the Punkin. I am making one this year fer sure, fer sure.

  3. says

    EXCITED for fall? How about ecstatic? Can’t wait?? this happens every year. . . I’m always glad for summer to come, but then the heat just drags on and on. . . and I’m an Autumn girl.

    I remember your wonderful pumpkins from last year! Looking forward to seeing what you do this year. I do so love pumpkins. :)

  4. says

    LOVE fall, pumpkins and everything else connected with it. These are wonderful suggestions ~ thanks so much for sharing! I’m a new follower and look forward to more of your creativity.

    Stop by and say hi when you can!


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