Make an ombre basket using tie-dye techniques.

I recently got to play around with a Tulip Tie Dye Kit, and I was pretty excited to do so because they asked me to tie dye something for the home.  Not a T shirt, not a tank top, but something decorative.  OK!
Here’s what I ended up doing… an ombre tie-dye basket:
This started out as a nice enough basket-weave desk-top organizer.  Not too exciting, but nice enough.
And notice the fabulous contrast of colors here…
You didn’t notice…?  Well it’s a good thing I painted it then!  Brownie McBrowns-A-lot!  (I am not afraid of color, I swear!)
Before we get started, a couple of observations.  First, gravity isn’t your friend.  Try to work with as much of a horizontal surface area as possible.

Second, when I first tried adding the dye it just ran and dripped through the basket weave.  Spritzing the basket with water solved the problem.  (It probably made the fibers more porous.)

Also?  They provide gloves for a reason.  Please use them.

tie dye, stained fingers, tulip tie dye kit, rubber gloves
It’s been 2 days and I still have green dye under my thumb nail. (My bad.)

Anyhow, the Tulip Tie Dye kit comes with everything you need.  (Including gloves.)

Read the directions (including the part where it says to wear gloves) and add water to the bottles of powdered dye.  These little squeeze bottles are so easy to use.  I had been wondering how I was going to fit a large, rigid object into a dye bath of some kind and I was thrilled to discover it would not be necessary to do it that way!  You can just squirt the dye wherever you want the color.

There are also clear directions for different tie-dying techniques.  (If you were, you know, tie-dying clothing…)

I was all geared up for a really difficult project, but with minimal trial and error, I got the exact ombre look that I wanted!

1. Outside, and on top of the plastic protector sheet that was provided, I started applying the green color.  I coated the front and the sides.
2. I applied the dark blue to the bottom of the organizer in what I hoped would become gradations of color.
3. I quickly realized that I needed to create the shading by adding water.
4. Using the spray bottle set to stream (rather than a spray) I sprayed off/watered down the dye from the top to the bottom.  It created the gradual color effect.

I did not rinse the organizer… just let it dry completely, then sprayed it with a clear, matte sealer.  I am so, so happy with the way this turned out!

Now I’m looking around the house for more items I can tie-dye…  The kit comes with enough dye for 24 shirts.  I figure I have enough left to dye a bar-stool…



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    I love it! Looks extra-nice with all the color-coordinated contents in the pockets, too ;D The cover of the August issue of Better Homes and Gardens would also look smashing in there! You will have to post another photo after you have installed it somewhere.


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