DIY Patriotic Flag Artwork in about an hour.

I love this country.
I love quick art projects.
I love spray paint.

I dropped the ball as far as getting my patriotic decor up last month, so I am hustling to get some up in a day.

This “Old Glory” flag sign was created in less than an hour using scrap wood and some spray paint.

  • an old board
  • red, white & blue spray paint
  • adhesive letters
  • sandpaper
  • white or off-white acrylic paint

1. I actually started out with existing seasonal artwork.  My Mother’s Day Artwork and Hello Sunshine Artwork (which I will share tomorrow.)
2. I flipped the pieces over and I spray painted the larger board a turquoise color
3. I used my Cricut and Contact paper to cut out letters. (You can use store bought too)
4. I knew I wanted the sign to look super distressed, so I didn’t care that the letters hung off the edge a little bit.

Here’s the part that is a bit wacky.
1. I spray painted red stripes…
2. Then I added the navy blue and the white stripes…
3. Then peel off the letters.

Let dry.

1. Lightly sand the piece.
2. Water down some acrylic paint and brush over the top of your sign.
3. Wipe off excess with a paper towel.
Repeat until you get the look you want.

Quick, easy… and pretty much free.  Come by tomorrow to see the other piece that goes with this one.

Are you ready for the 4th?


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