Upcycle an old bottle to make a dish soap dispenser.

I know, I know, this has been done before.  But I finally did it and made one: A more decorative dispenser for our dish soap.

Yes, we have a dishwasher, but there are still several items that need to be hand-washed and I didn’t like the plastic bottle sitting by the sink.

I took an old olive oil bottle, washed it thoroughly (2 cycles in the dishwasher) and created a stencil using Contact Paper and my Cricut.  (You could use pre-cut adhesive letters/stencils too.)

I placed the stencils where I wanted them, then carefully dabbed on the etching cream.

That’s it.  I wait 10 minutes or so, then I peel off the stencil while holding the bottle under running water.

Wash, dry, fill with dish soap and wedge a pour top right on in there.

Then call your kids to come and clean the rest of the kitchen for you.

UPDATED: I’ve gotten several inquiries as to where these pour spouts can be purchased. Any kitchen or home store should carry them.  If you can’t find them locally, you can find them HERE.
(I actually am switching from the plastic pourer to chrome ones.  The thicker soap flows a bit better through these than it does the plastic/rubber ones, which are meant for thinner liquids, like oil.)


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    Thank you so much. I hosted a bridal shower recently and have these wonderful bottles that I can’t bear to part with — one is being converted to a dishwash soap decanter tomorrow!

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