A DIY, personalized wedding or anniversary gift for less than $20

This might be a little silly (or a bit TMI) for some folks, but I think it’s cute.

Today I’m going to show you how to make an easy piece of “couples” artwork for less than $20 and in under an hour (not counting drying time.)

How to make a unique, personalized wedding or anniversary gift for less than 20 bucks!
I think this “Spooning” artwork would be very cute for a wedding gift or for an anniversary gift.  (Or in my case, just because.)

When I was at SNAP! I saw spoons that had been hammered flat and had text hammered into them.  (I cannot remember the vendor that had them, so sorry.)  I think they were designed to be little plant or garden markers.  Anyhow, a few weeks later I saw a big bin of spoons at my local Goodwill and found two that I thought had a kind of cool design on them.  And for .29 cents a piece, why not?

Spoons for artwork.

Supplies needed:

  • Old frame and glass
  • 1 can silver and 1 can black spray paint (I used Krylon)
  • adhesive letters (I used my Cricut and Contact paper)
  • acrylic paint (I used Martha Stewart’s Sea Lavender and Blue Sky)
  • strong adhesive (I like Amazing Goop)
  • 2 spoons (best if one is a little bigger than the other)

The colors I used match our bedroom, but obviously, you could choose whatever like.  If you wanted to, you could also make this work for the kitchen.
I took an old frame that I had laying around and spray painted it silver.

Make a cute wedding or anniversary gift: Spooning artwork

Then I took the glass from the frame and I spray painted it black.  (Yes, you can spray paint anything, including glass.)

I played around with the placement of the spoons and the contact paper letters.

Spooning artwork. A unique and easy wedding or anniversary gift.

At the end of the day, I thought our names made it too busy and opted to leave them off of the project.

I figured out where the spoons would go and adhered the letters accordingly.  Once the letters were pressed on, I added the two blue paint colors I wanted.  (Just squirt the paint directly onto the glass.)

Making Spooning artwork. A unique and easy wedding or anniversary gift.

Apply the paint, making sure your brush strokes go in one direction only.  (I chose side to side, horizontally.)  When the paint is set (but not totally dry) go ahead and carefully start peeling up the letters.  I used the tip of an exacto knife and tweezers to pull them off.

Create your own personalized artwork. Great for a wedding or anniversary gift.

When all of the letters have been peeled away and the paint is dry, apply the adhesive to the lowest part of the back of the spoon (basically where the bowl of the spoon rests when you set it on the table) and also on the back of the handle where it hits the table.

Spooning artwork. A unique and easy wedding or anniversary gift.

Once the glue is applied to the spoons, carefully position them where you want them and let them sit.  I let mine cure overnight, just to be sure it was nice and secure.

I love how it turned out.  I think it’s fun and whimsical, and it is certainly unique.

How to make a unique, personalized wedding or anniversary gift. (for less than 20 bucks!)

What do you think? Happy crafting!


  1. says

    Don’t have a cricut so I’m going to print the words using black ink on white card stock, glue on the spoons, and frame it in a shadow box. May not look as sharp but I won’t have to dust the spoons!

  2. says

    This is absolutely adorable! I just saw Karianne did one almost like it, and so wished I would have seen this inspiration before our Anniversary in May. Maybe next year:) I have to pin it to remember.

  3. says

    Okay I’m trying not to leave you a raving comment about how frustrated I am after trying to recreate this as an anniversary present for my sister, but I’m on a tight budget and just spent that said budget on the supplies for this.

    After waiting for the acrylic paint to set I pulled off the letters only to have the layer of black spray paint and much of the surrounding acrylic paint peel off as well, leaving a clear spot of glass where my letters should be.

    Was I suppose to paint one side black and then use the acrylic paint on the other side? If so, your tutorial did not specify. Or perhaps I should have let both the black spray paint and the acrylic paint dry longer? I don’t know… but I’m very disappointed.

  4. courtney says

    I am going to do this as décor for my kitchen. I would like to make a frame with my son’s baby fork in it and put it right below the spooning one. I need a cute saying though. I thought of putting “Spooning since 2005” on one and putting “Forked in 2008” on the other one for my son.


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