Chasing Martha: the quest for a true Robin’s Egg Blue.

Sometimes I question God’s timing…  especially when in the middle of my storm of crap I got a call from The Martha Stewart Show.  I thought I might just need a paper bag to breathe into.

The producers had seen my Faux Robin Eggs online and were interested in having me come on the show and demonstrate how to make them.  With Martha.

Making faux robin eggs.
I like them this pale blue color the best.

(Where’s that paper bag again…?)  Oh my word!

Just one thing: since my eggs are very pale in color, could I make them look a bit more like real Robin eggs…?  …Using Martha’s line of craft paint?
If Martha asked me to lay an egg, I would do my best to make it happen.

She doesn’t have an actual Robin Egg Blue in her line (I know, right?!) but she had 3 that were kind of in the neighborhood.

Martha Stewart acrylic paint.

I took a few of the existing textured eggs (click here for the tutorial) and I repainted one in Surf.

Martha Stewart acrylic paint to make faux robin eggs for Easter

Not quite teal enough… could I try mixing the colors?  Certainly!

Faux robin eggs

To make the brown specks on the egg, take an old toothbrush and add a few drops of water to some brown paint.

Dip the brush in the paint and then pull back the top part of the brush with your fingers.

Use a toothbrush to flick paint for a spotted effect.

While holding the brush like this, you sort of snap your fingers and it makes the paint spatter.
Of course you can wear gloves, but it takes me longer to find gloves than it does to wash off water soluble acrylic paint.

Don’t be a baby.  Just get your hands dirty.  It washes right off with regular soap and water.

Unfortunately for me, while I was doing all of this color testing, the segments the show was considering me for got filled with other people and projects.  Oh well.  (Seriously, I am just amazed and grateful that they even noticed me in the first place.)  I had been questioning God’s timing in all of this, but I think maybe His motive was to give me a diversion and light a bit of a creative spark in me again.

It’s a good thing.



  1. says

    What an absolute honor to even be thought of and called to go on the Martha show. You would truely be a crafting Godess then.

    I am not sure what is going on in your life but I hope you know God is with you every step of the way.

    I thought of you today because I am trying your ammonia trick on my filter for my OLD oven. Hope it works.

  2. says

    I hope they call back :) Love the eggs, and I can’t believe she doesn’t have a robin’s egg blue. Send me those shutters, please! Thank God for the diversion.
    Have a great day,

  3. says

    Wow…Would I love to hear “Mom, Martha Stewart is on the phone”!
    I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, even if we dont know what that reason is right away! Oh…and I love your painted egg project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. says

    Just being contacted by them is an accomplishment in itself! I’m so incredibly proud of you, and I’m sure that one day soon you will be contacted by them again! Love the eggs!

  5. says

    Yea, you are definitely one of the cool kids!! :)

    What an honor to be asked!! They totally missed out not having you on the show!!! Now that you are on their radar I’m sure they’ll contact you again!! Orrrr….when you have your show you can return the honor and as Martha to be on your show!! :)

    I’ve loved your eggs since last year!!! I like the new blue, but the pale ones are very elegant!!

    God’s timing is always interesting…He knows our needs and cares so much for us. He knew you needed diversion and this was a doozy!! :)


  6. says

    Well, WE all know you are totally fabulous and they figured it out too! Now that you are on the radar, I know they will call back. I bet they will want you for the HALLOWEEN season… you would ROCK that Miss Viv. You are the pumpkin Queen =) The eggs are darling, ditto on those blue shutters. Hugs! Hope each day is a little better. For you and your boys.

  7. says

    Wow! What an amazing honor. I am totally jealous of your “in” with Martha. Even if it didn’t come to fruition, you are in her radar now. Awesome. Congratulations!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  8. says

    You were still in the limelight and down the road, you may still get another call! Congrats on the notoriety, Vivienne. Your eggs look awful pretty.
    ~ Sue

  9. says

    THIS IS A VERY GOOD THING!!!!!!! WOW and WOW!!! I am so excited for you! Did they tell you when you might be taping it?? I can’t believe you didn’t give more details!!!!! Wow, my whole family is excited for you. This is wonderful my friend. -K

  10. says

    Holy Crap! I was just thinking about Easter projects and realized that those eggs are how I discovered you in the first place-and they are pretty much super awesome. That blows that it didn’t work out, but seriously?! What a bright little spot in your current storm:)

  11. says

    What! They get you all pumped and then no show? Well, I think you eggs are more suited to HGTV anyway…who needs Martha, right? Seriously, I do know what you mean about Gods timing…His is perfect. I’m now a follower, and I would love for you to stop by and follow too.

  12. says

    At least you got a call! How amazing. I would have had a heart attack! They’ll probably call you back to do a segment on Grant-isms!

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