Paper Projects: Homemade Gift Tags

For someone who doesn’t scrapbook, I sure do a lot of paper projects.  I like to make my own homemade gift tags at Christmas.  I can’t help myself. Each year I say I’m going to just use the ready-made type, and each year I wind up making my own anyway.  (It’s a sickness really…)

Paper crafts are always fun, but this year is going to be a bit easier! I received a box full of Aleene’s Dry Adhesive products, and so far my gift tag production is coming along just great.

Check out all of this great stuff!
I used my Cricut to cut out different size tags and letters.

The double sided tape adhesive was my very favorite item.  SO easy to use.  I normally would have to wrestle with a tape dispenser, but this was a breeze.

I was able to use the adhesive dots to easily attach the cut out letters to the tags.

To use the dots, you simply press the letter onto the dot, then lift it off the plastic strip and place it onto the tag.  So Easy!

 I used far less adhesive.  I never liked using glue or glue pens because the moisture sometimes warped my paper.  Glue sticks aren’t sticky enough…

… but this is sticky enough that one little dot was strong enough to adhere a button to the tag.

To finish up my tags, I inked the edges with a stamp pad and added more buttons.

I plan to use these tags on cookie tins to give to the neighbors.  I cut out letters so I could monogram the front of the tags too.  The Tacky Line Roll was great for this.

Cut the line of adhesive to size and press your item on top of it.

Add it to your tag and you have am easy, personalized gift tag.

  I’m pretty happy with how these turned out.

These products are pretty dang cool.  They are available at Michael’s stores or online at


  1. says

    i’m in love with these…. *sigh*… reason #329071 i should get a cricut.

    these are gorgeous! i love that you say you’re not going to make them every year and yet you do.. i am the exact opposite. every year i am convinced i’m going to do more christmas crafts. then the 23rd comes around and i forget about all that ambition i had haha.

  2. says

    I love to use previous year’s Christmas cards we’ve received to craft our tags and sometimes Christmas greetings. i’m trying hard to recycle those lovely cards!

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    Just subscribed to your blog. Sure enjoyed your projects. Your tutorial for the gift tags is great. Can make tags for lots of holidays, occasions, not just Christmas.
    I don’t have a cricut but do have alot of patterns and a template for different shaped and sized tags. The chance of getting a cricut is pretty dim so I do what I can afford.
    I’ll have to look online for Aleene’s adhesive products as there aren’t too many places in Grand Junction, CO that sell any of their products let alone the ones you demonstrated. I’ll look forward to your next post.

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