Christmas gift wrapping caddy – a Christmas mess compromise.

I shared this last month at Positively Splendid as part of the Swell Noel series.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love that it seems to be a celebration of every single day in December.  I am never finished baking, wrapping presents or decorating the house… and I like it like that!
I love a cheerful holiday mess.
My husband? Not so much.

So I have learned to sort of compromise and to make my mess a part of the Christmas decor.
Since I’m never done wrapping presents, I keep the things I need out all the time. Since they’re out all the time, they might as well be festive.

Any mess looks better if you keep it corralled in a cute tray.  So I made a Christmas Caddy for some of my wrapping supplies.

I took an old tray and some bottles that I got at a yard sale and painted the tray in gold and the caps of the bottles in red and green.  (We’re going with traditional colors this year for Hubby’s sake.  I still owe him for the year I did a Black & Gold Christmas...)

Once dry, it’s filled with buttons, beads, ribbons, card-stock, tags, scissors, tape, pens… whatever I might need to wrap gifts and make cute little gift tags.

It’s easily moved from room to room and looks pretty good if you leave it on the kitchen counter.  It corrals my Christmas Clutter and helps my husband to keep his Christmas Cheer.


  1. says

    NICE, yes this looks way better than all my wrapping goodies stuffed in the plastic store bag. I also like how it keeps the ribbon and extras from getting wrinkled or just plain unravelled. Ok, I am now on a hunt for a caddie to organize.

    Chrissy Pratt

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