“What’s the ’31’ for…?” A Halloween end table.

I thought it was obvious that the 31 I stenciled on this table was for October 31, but enough people asked me about it that I am now certain it is obvious only to me.
Halloween end table.

For my Halloween party, the apple green and turquoise had to go.  I wanted silver and black.

I took the turquoise table and spray painted it with Krylon’s metallic silver paint.  Once dry, I laid down a stencil I made with my Cricut and contact paper.  Then I lightly sprayed the 31 with more of the same silver paint.  While the silver was still wet, I lightly sprayed a gloss black paint over the top of it. (Just like my faux mercury glass pumpkin)

painting a 31 on a Halloween  table
It looks old and mottled and I think it’s really cool.
a spooky table for Halloween

Stay tuned! Big Halloween Party wrap up coming soon.


  1. says

    What? You don’t have your Halloween post up yet??? What are you waiting on, Thanksgiving?!?

    Ps. I love the new look of the table and I totally would have understood the 31. Duh people!

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