Halloweenify your lampshades.

I admit it.  I change out the lamps on my dining room buffet seasonally.  (Don’t you judge me! It could be worse! I could be addicted to handbags or shoes or seasonal dishes! Leemealone!)
Anyhow, for Halloween, the black with the woven shades needed to go, and the silver with the white shades had to come back out…
I took a fuzzy little black feather boa that I got at Michael’s or Joann’s, cut it up, and attached it to the top and bottom edges of the lampshades with double stick tape. 
 It Halloweens up the place.  
(…although Handsome Hubby says they remind him of the Leg Lamp in A Christmas Story…)
I think they help the over-all look of the buffet.

I love the vintage decanters and the champagne bucket, and of course, black sticks.  You know what else I love about this vignette?
Decorating with old Halloween photos.  This one is from Grant’s first Halloween.

What a Tubba Bubba!!  It makes me smile every time I see it.


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    I always set out an old picture too. One of the girls jumping into a pile of leaves for Fall, one of them dressed like little girls not skanks for Halloween and for Christmas I have a shelf designated to hold every picture from every Christmas card that I have, I think it goes back to 1999.

    Those lamps might make a spicy addition to the bedroom when Halloween is over 😉

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    Those lampshades look very hot to trot now! :-) Cracking up about the leg lamp from A Christmas Story! :-) Your entire buffet looks so wonderful Viv and I love the champagne bucket with the black sticks.

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    I’ve never even thought of using old Halloween photos of my boys to decorate. I’m a bit dumb, but thank goodness I know brilliant people like you! I’ve got some pirates and soldiers who are just begging to be displayed!

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    WHAT? I’m supposed to change out my lamp shades for each season? I’ve never changed them in the 3 years I’ve lived at this house.

    And I don’t have an adorable Halloween picture in a frame. THIS WILL END THIS YEAR! I will have one next year. Promise!

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    I love the branches with the bats. You have some great ideas…I’m your newest follower. I’d love for you to come over to my new blog & follow along! Thanks, Sally

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    I lurrrve the vintage decanters! Where do you get those things! You did a great job on this setup!!!
    I have just started following your blog – would love if you got a chance to check mine out too!
    – Amy

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