Scary Places chalkboard Halloween globe (huh….?)

OK, yes…. chalkboard globes have been done.  I’ve seen a couple of them that are inspirational.  (Can’t remember exactly where… so sorry..)

So when I found a globe for 50 cents and Halloween  is just around the corner, I knew exactly what I wanted to do to it.
I wanted to map some of the Scary Places on the planet:

My garage sale globe:

This old globe had countries that were no longer in existence, but it had cool numbers and raised areas on the globe itself.

I spray painted the stand a metallic silver. When it dried I used painter’s tape to cover it up. (Sometimes painter’s tape comes in handy, but not always.)

I used a good primer on the globe, then sprayed it with Rustoleum’s chalkboard paint.  Once that paint had dried, I rubbed chalk all over it, then wiped it off again.  (This helps to “cure” the chalkboard paint.)

Then, using my Super-Duper-Sucky geographical/artistic prowess, I chalked out the continents on the globe.
We added places that were known to be scary… Transylvania, Sleepy Hollow, Salem, the Bermuda Triangle…

It may be a little goofy… but it makes me smile.

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    It makes me smile too. Love the look, price, and creativity. How fun it will be to change it up for the Holidays. The North Pole for Xmas, the place you met your husband for Valentine’s Day, Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Thanks for sharing.

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    Ok.. So I really like this idea, however I am cringing because I have recently decided to start collecting globes and OMGSH you painted the very globe I am in search of… Aagggghh!! And it was 50 cents to boot!! : O
    Haha! Seriously tho- love it!! : )

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    Oh, that’s cool. Really cool. And just think of all the other iterations of this. . . labeling where friends live. . . where your blessings come from at Thanksgiving. . . where different Christmas traditions come from. . . .

    For 50 cents and a bit of time, I think you’ve got yourself a winner!

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    I think this is super cute! If I were to copt you, I’d enlist the hubby to draw the continents. I know his artistic perfectionism would fair better than if I did it. I will be on the look out now for a globe.

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    What an awesome idea. I love it. It would be great at christmas to have kids mark where they live ….lots of ideas can branch out from this. W.T.G

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    This globe is adorable! I keep seeing globes at thrift stores and will absolutely snag one for this project next time I run into one. Thank you so much for linking up at Savvy HomeMade Monday and I hope you will come back and party again!

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    Wow what a steal! 50 cent! Wow! Amazing! I would’ve never thought of doing that, but I might do it now if I find another globe. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    super cute the way you embellished the chalkboard globe! I painted one for my daughter to sell at her booth. I think I’ll share this idea with her.
    thanks for linking up to catch as catch can.

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    You ROCKED that globe!! Now I know where not to go to if I was a witch (boo, Salem)

    Visiting from MidWestern Sewing Girl’s Linky Party {Everything Halloween} today,
    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois

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    It is great creativity. I found them on a website while I was searching for something else. I am really very glad after read here and I appreciate for the information that you presented here.

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    Wow what a steal! 50 cent! Wow! Amazing! I would’ve never thought of doing that, but I might do it now if I find another globe. Thanks for the inspiration.+

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