A plaid pumpkin? From a thrift shop flannel shirt? Yep!

I was in the Dollar Tree the other day and I picked up a few of those cheesy fake pumpkins.  There is also a Goodwill a few doors down… so of course I had to stop in.  (If I were a dog and Goodwill was a fire hydrant, there would be no way I could go by without sniffing around a little bit.)
There was a flannel shirt there that was in perfect cream, green and rust autumn colors.   So I made a flannel-covered plaid pumpkin.
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It was pretty darn easy and was absolutely cheap to do.

1. Gather your materials. I used floral pins, but you could use regular straight pins or beaded floral pins too. Grab some twine or rope to cover the stem, and cut the fabric into three strips.  I’m not going to give you measurements… just eyeball it.
2. I needed 3 pieces to cover the pumpkin. Make sure they are long enough to cover the bottom of your pumpkin and then some.  You can always trim it up later.
3. Sort of pleat the fabric around the stem of the pumpkin.  You should be able to push the pin right through the pumpkin.
4. Take the next piece of fabric and slightly fold over the edge so that you have a finished looking edge.  Secure it on the next third of the pumpkin, making sure it overlaps the first piece of fabric just a little.
5. Kindly ignore the messy nail polish and the fact that I’m way over-due for a manicure. Fire up your glue gun.
6. Play with the fabric a little, pulling it down to the bottom of the pumpkin and make little pleats there.  You want the fabric to be pulled tight down the sides, and not loose or puffy anywhere.  When you figure out where you want it, go ahead and glue into place.  Trim fabric after each section is glued down.
7. Carefully glue your twine in a circular fashion, so that the floral pins are covered and the stem is covered.

That’s it.  Cheap and easy.
My boxes of fall decor are still in the garage.  This will get a permanent place once I unpack everything else.  For now, it’s just going to hang out here alone.

Guess what?  My Mod Podged Chair is being featured today over at Roadkill Rescue! Please go check it out!


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    That is super cute! I may cover my Halloween pumpkins in fall fabric and undress them for Halloween…but that may be too much work this lazy lady!

    Thanks for the shout-out, I’m linking you up!

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    That’s wonderful. I have a pumpkin collection (I just realized how cheesy that sounds) that started 26 years ago. After all these years, I don’t think I’ve ever made my own pumpkin. You’ve inspired me!

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    It turned out soooo cute!! I love that plaid lil pumpkin! My favorite part is how you wrapped the top so nice and neat!

    Where will you place it? And I need to see your fall fireplace decorations!

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    Love, love, LOVE! So cute! I’m headed to the thrift store tomorrow – I’ll keep my eyes open for a fun flannel shirt that is just asking to be re-purposed!

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    That is cute!! I haven’t had a chance to make it to our thrift stores here yet- but it is on my calendar for this weekend. I have some beyond ugly pillows that need to be recovered and I am going to try making a sweater cover, we’ll see how it goes

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    I want you to know that I am a strange and bizarre person. I have even been called a member of the lunatic fringe; but I would have NEVER thought of making a plaid flannel pumpkin! Yet I rather like it!
    You GO!!!

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    Wow!! I just saw a large pumpkin downtown in a interior decor shop for 60 bucks similar to this one…I LOVE this idea much better!! I’m gonna go check out the shirt aisle in the thrift store!! Thanks for the simple to understand tutorial!!


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    Oh holy cow that is Adorable!!!! What a cute, cute idea!!!!! Seriously, your brain is awesome!!! I’m so happy you share stuff cuz I’d never think of this in a million years!!!!

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    This is so cute! You did a beautiful job…thanks for the tutorial. Country Living just did a spread on covering pumpkins with fabric and i thought about trying it…now you’ve got me inspired!
    Your enwest Follower,
    Cheryl at My Sister’s Cottage

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    I so have to laugh at all the different pumpkins I have now seen across blogland. From pearls and ribbons to string to now flannel. Good job. Very cute.

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    I so have to laugh at all the different pumpkins I have now seen across blogland. From pearls and ribbons to string to now flannel. Good job. Very cute.

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