Summery flower arrangement (using fruit & flowers from your own yard…)

Do you have a rose bush in your yard? (Or access to one?)
Can you get your hands on a couple of limes?
Perfect!  Then you can make this floral arrangement.
limes, roses, fruit, centerpiece,floral, flower arrangement

A few months back, Grant was in a wedding and I made the centerpieces for the reception.
limes, calla lilies, fruit, centerpiece,floral, flower arrangement

Click here to read how I did these with just 3 “ingredients” and for less than $20.   I also needed to make the arrangement for the sweetheart table.  There was NO budget left for this arrangement…

So what’s a frugal, crafty gal to do?  Clip flowers from her own yard of course!

Starting with a low vase, I wedged in a piece of Oasis floral foam and wrapped a little bit of ribbon around the vase to hide the foam.   I went into my yard and clipped cream colored roses and a few stems of white hydrangea.  Clip the stems to the lengths you want and insert them into the wet floral foam.
white rose
You can take floral picks (or the cheapy-version = bamboo skewers cut to length) and insert one end into a whole lime and the other into the foam.
roses, limes, flower, floral, arrangement, wedding

There’s no formula, per se, just nestle the limes in where you see gaps between the flowers, but make sure they are evenly spaced.  (You all know how I just love to eyeball things… measuring is soooo time consuming.)

I think they turned out pretty well. (oh yes, I had to compulsively add a few sticks too.)

roses, limes, floral arrangement, wedding, centerpiece
Cheap.  Easy.  Pretty.
My favorite type of project!


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    These are gorgeous! I love the freshness the limes add. I wish we had a lime tree in our yard. Maybe if we had moved next to you. 😉 We had a lemon tree growing up in Long Beach. Loved it. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

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    Your arrangements are so creative and beautiful. I’m so impressed that you were able to make them with such a small budget too!

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    Your arrangements are so creative and beautiful. I’m so impressed that you were able to make them with such a small budget too!

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    Cheap, easy, pretty?? No, I’d say cheap, easy, BEAUTIFUL! That arrangement is stunning–the bright green of the limes is the perfect foil for the whites of the flowers. I love the way there are so many shades of white in just a few flowers. Gorgeous!

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    I adore the limes with the white flowers. But I’m quite bummed because I live in AZ and my yard has not flowers or anything colorful, but I want to do this so badly. I guess I’ll just have to buy fake flowers!

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    I love your beautiful roses and the pop of color with the addition of the limes. You are very talented to make your own floral arrangements. I’ve tried, but my mom is the florist in our family. Have a great weekend!

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