A phone call… from Heaven. (There is no other explanation.)

I’m going to tell you an amazing story.
It’s a true story.
There were witnesses…
There is physical evidence…

This isn’t a funny kid story or a DIY tutorial, but stay and read this. At the end of this post, please let me know if you have a rational, logical way to explain what happened.

A phone call from heaven

There is some background info you need to know about: Me, Donna and Elle…  Then I can tell you about The Phone Call.


On occasion, I have moments when my faith gets shaky. I try to figure things out like everybody else. I try to make sense of why bad things happen to good people and vice-versa. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, trying to focus on my faith.

Nicole writes the blog Thrifty Decorating. Her husband is a pastor. He wrote a book called No Argument For God.

(Click here to order your copy.)  I’m not in very far, but the gist of the book is this: Belief in God is not a rational act. We should stop trying to make the argument that it is and just go with it. Paraphrasing the author, a god I could figure out wouldn’t be a very powerful god, right?  (lowercase “g” very much intentional.)


Donna was beautiful wife, mother, sister, friend, teacher, Christian.  She was flat out gorgeous physically and had personality & charm to boot!

What she did NOT have was a family history of breast cancer….  Yet she was still diagnosed out of the blue, at the age of 38.

She and her husband were both very popular teachers in the same school district.  They have three beautiful daughters.  The community rallied around them.

I thought that Donna’s cancer was particularly cruel. It affected every aspect of her life and physical body, but it never seemed to affect her faith or her cheerful disposition.  She was even generous to the point where she set up a website and openly and honestly shared her treatments, fears and experiences.    From that website there were thousands of people following her story.

A few of us got together for a quiet lunch.  Even though she was losing sight in one of her eyes, and she was in constant pain, she was smiling and laughing.   This was taken the last time I saw Donna.

She died a few weeks later.  She had just turned 41.  On July 8, she will have been gone 4 years.

There were probably close to a thousand people at her memorial service… even people who had never met her, but found her story inspiring.   For a good 40 minutes before the service started, there was a slide show running continuously.  The music that accompanied the photos: Somewhere Over the Rainbow… the Hawaiian version of the song.  You can listen to it here.


Elle and I go way back.  I love her to pieces and she is a blast to be around.  She’s super funny and always makes me laugh.

Elle has previously expressed a firm belief that God does NOT exist.

I keep a prayer list and I frequently pray for Elle to open her heart to the very idea of God or that there is something out there that can’t be explained by science or logic.  I was praying for her Tuesday morning.  Tuesday afternoon I received an email from her, telling this story….

The Phone Call

Elle is very close to Donna’s husband, Matt, and his 3 daughters and sees them regularly.
Six months ago, Matt decided to disconnect the family’s home phone number/land-line.  Each person had a cell phone and they never used the home phone anymore.

Monday night, the two younger daughters were doing their homework together.  One of their cell phones began to ring.  The ring-tone was the Hawaiian guy’s version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.  They were surprised, because that is not a ring-tone programmed into the phone.

The caller ID listed the previously disconnected home phone number.

(Are you with me here so far? A call came in from a disconnected phone number and it brought its own ring-tone with it…)

Both girls were too stunned to answer it before it stopped ringing.  They told the oldest sister about it and she called the number.  She got a recording that the number was disconnected and no longer in service.  So did Matt when he called it.  He called Verizon and they told him they might have reassigned the number to another customer already… but then of course that would mean there would not be a disconnect message when it was called.   Verizon had no explanation for him.

It is indisputable that a call came in from their disconnected phone number…. yet the number is there in the cell phone’s call history.
It is also indisputable that Somewhere Over The Rainbow is not installed as a ring-tone.

Elle’s take on it?  That it was Donna, calling right before Mother’s Day to check on the girls.  Do you know what an answer to prayer that is for me?  Elle saw the number on the phone.  She knows the people that it happened to.  It is enough evidence to get her thinking that there is something bigger out there.

My take on it:  I don’t know if it was Donna herself.  I don’t know if it was a sign from God.  I don’t know that I can classify it any other way other something supernatural happened Monday night.  It defies logic and explanation.  To go back to the book, No Argument For God, it cannot possibly make sense to us, because we are not God.   It certainly bolsters my faith.

Personally, I’d like to think it was Donna.  That just sounds like something she would do.

What do you think?


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    OK you had me crying with goosebumps! I DO BELIEVE IN SIGNS LIKE THESE!I feel like it is very spiritual! Prayer works! I will pray for your friend Elle. There is nothing greater
    than faith in God! Thank you for this story!

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    Wow…that is an amazing story!

    What a loss it must have been to lose a woman like Donna….
    You’re right…there’s no explanation on this side of heaven for what happend.

    I hope that this opens Elle’s heart just a little bit to the God that loves her so deeply! :)

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    I got goosebumps from reading this. My faith has been questioned a few times and God always have a way of letting me know he is there.

    I believe that those we love have a way of connecting with us…Donna wanted to send a small message…my heart goes out to her family. I hope they know she will always be alive in their hearts, for those who we loved so much never leave us.

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    Geez! What are you doing to me….I got chills and I’m crying:-)

    What a wonderful miracle! I LOVE these kind of stories….

    I have been thinking a lot lately about God and how I need to be closer…last night I have a dream that I need to READ the Bible cover to cover….

    I’m gonna check out that book….Also if you haven’t had a chance to read the book ‘The Shack’ it’s a wonderful book…..it really changed my point of view on religion and focused MORE on a relationship with God….it also deals with grief.

    Thanks for sharing this story!

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    So, I thought I would check out your site and see what it’s about since you are one of the judges and I am one of the contestants (you know what I am talking about!). This story is not what I was expecting from a blog titled the V-Spot! (I know! It’s not nice to judge! So sorry!) Anyhow, I am so sorry to hear about your friend Donna, but I am happy to hear that Elle’s heart is being softened. We have a mighty God. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the Son today!

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    I got all the God bumps reading this too. And in my experience, time and time again…God will use little and big miracles just to bolster our faith. He did a few weeks ago for my husband and I with a phone call too(long story). And I suppose, God does this for those who don’t know Him to woo them to Him. To reveal His glory and love to an unbelieving heart. How incredibly exciting! Thank you so much for sharing this.

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    Yours is not the 1st story like this…a friend lost her husband to brain cancer unexpectedely…she has periodically received phone calls from her husbands disconnected cell phone number…no explanation. My youngest brother died of cancer…my SIL told me that everytime time they would drive by a light pole the light would go out…this happened for years….it became a standing family joke…only happened when he was in the car. Today the light pole outside his office will shut of and a call will come through from his cell phone number. How?

    • Larissa O'Connell says

      Just read the story with Vivien. i read your comment and gasped. The same thing happens to me. I can drive down street and the lightpoles will go off. I also believe i have heard my daughter calling mom through the radio. i recently lost my daughter to a hit and run driver in Abington, PA on November 5 2014 . i miss her dearly i just always hope and look for signs that shes around…. Larissa feelfree to message me or email me at oconnell214@gmail.com

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    I don’t think very hard about things. I go through my days doing what I think is good and right and that is how I live my life. I don’t think about whether I will be judged later on by a God. I judge myself and live accordingly.
    As for the phone call let me share this with you.
    I have posted before how my brother has cut all ties with our family. Last we had heard he was living in Palm Beach, Florida. We live in the Vancouver area of British Columbia.
    We didn’t know if he was dead or alive and had heard rumors of his despair and poverty.
    One day my phone rang. From Florida. I answered it in a hurry and there was no one there. No noise, no buzzing, no voice. I stayed on for a long time and then finally said “I love you” and hung up.
    I tried calling the number and it was not in service. I called one of my sisters and she had her son-in-law look into it as he is RCMP police. He contacted the phone company down there and they said that phone exchange, which was in Palm Beach was changed about 3 years before and there was no way that number could have called our house as it doesn’t exist any more.
    Well it did call and I did take it as a sign the our brother was still alive, but that is just my interpretation.
    It made me happy to think that at the time and that is what I stuck with. Interpret it the way it makes you feel content and happy.
    BTW. Brother is fine. Second story to follow.

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    Long story short:
    Eldest son had a girlfriend whose mother deserted her and then her father died when she was about 10.
    One year on the anniversary of his death my son took her to the cemetery. After a tearful visit they went back to her apartment where the radio was playing Brown Eyed Girl.
    The thing is the radio wasn’t on when they left the apartment that morning. For sure. Absolutely not on.
    Oh ya, her father used to hold her and sing Brown Eyed Girl to her all the time.

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    Thank you for sharing such a powerful story. Gives me goosebumps. Miracles DO happen. She sounded like such a sweet mother, too. :)

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    I’m sitting in my office eyes filled with tears. Thank you for sharing such a moving story. I am so happy your prayers concerning your friend were answered and she has found faith.

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    I have no explanation for this, but you might enjoy the little book “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo – – – it is chock full of this kind of thing.

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    Thanks for sharing a wonderful story. God does love us, and makes sure we know it. There is life after death, thanks to our Savior. Sometimes the separation between here and there gets thin enough that we get special reminders like this.

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    Amazing story.. I will have goose bumps all day. I hope your friend comes to know the Lord. Sometimes there are things we just can’t explain. I do believe God individually touches our lives.. sometimes it is more evident than othertimes.

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    Thank you for sharing such a sweet event. It is SO amazing how God works. I ‘used’ to make a list of things that I planned on ‘clearing up’ with God when I go home… but part of my spiritual growth is to TRUST. Trust means to me that I do not need to know, nor could I possibly comprehend, the workings of God. It is my job to simply trust. And believe.
    The phone call cannot be explained… it just ‘IS’. And it just is LOVE.

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    That gave me goosebumps and made me cry too! Thank you for sharing :) Stories like these make me stop, take a moment, and say a prayer.

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    I too am crying and know there to be angles here among us.They might be people we have known in this life or in the spirit world. What a wonderful thing for her family to receive to know she is watching over them and is with them. Thank you for sharing this about your sweet friend.Happy Mothers Day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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    Bawling here! Bawling in front of my computer! And YES. I believe that it happened. And YES I think it was Donna. Yes. Telling her girls and husband that mommy is still there. My God I am crying so hard I can’t even see what I’m writing. THANK YOU for sharing this story. For a lot of personal reasons, I needed it. This story was the answer to MY prayers. And I will never be able to thank you enough.

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    Oh my gosh, this story gave me crazy goosebumps… you know, the kind where you can feel the hair pushing back through your leg pores. No? Is that just me?

    Your friend, Donna seems like she was an amazing person. And I’m so sorry for your loss. I definitely believe in signs from those who have passed! And I hope God continues to soften your Elle’s heart. He is truly amazing.

  20. null says

    Can’t think of how the ringtone thing could possibly happen, but for the number coming up from a disconnected line, it’s possible for somebody to spoof the caller ID that appears on your phone.

    It’s a touching story and i’m not trying to trample on it, but I think you have to be careful what you attribute to God. Greek mythology is entirely based on things that people could not explain at the time with their knowledge of science and the world. Not being able to explain things doesn’t mean there is no explanation, and even if there is no explanation, that is not to say no explanation could be found in the future. It’s great if your friend found faith, but you can’t just go crediting God for everything that happens that you can’t understand or explain.

  21. says

    God’s mysteries are His own and not for us to know. Or even understand.
    And this was absolutely a blessing from God.
    A very ostentatious one, at that! I feel sad for people who don’t believe in God…and can NOT see this for the miraccle that it is.
    Faith isn’t rational. Believeing in God and what He does…that is a CHOICE.
    Once I heard that I felt so much better. I couldn’t figure out why I had to work so hard at faith when it seemed to come easy for so many others…come to find out, it’s a choice we all make, if we are sons and daughters of Christ.
    This is a beautiful story and I pray that Elle will turn to the Lord! :)
    Also, I listened to that hawaiian version of Over the Rainbow while reading…so beautiful. SOOOO beautiful.

  22. says

    Oh. And Null.

    SHUT UP! WHY do people have to trample on shit? Why is it, “Oh, they’re playing the God card, so let me piss on it.”

    If you have to start a comment with, “Not meaning to TRAMPLE here,” then you should just shut it.

  23. null says

    The article ended: “What do you think?”
    I must have misunderstood. Didn’t realize only comments agreeing with the original post were welcome.

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    To Null I say, I don’t credit God for everything I can’t explain or understand. I credit God for everything period. Even if I can explain and understand it.

    Beautiful story Vivienne. God is real, and he reaches out to people in so many different ways.

    I also love so much that you pray for your friend who struggles believing in God.

    Love you!

  25. says

    Ok. Second comment from me. Not necessarily TO null, but in regards to the comment.
    As what “proof” is defined as, I don’t have “proof” that this occurrence was God or the mother that had passed. Just as no one else as “proof” that it wasn’t. So, with that in mind, why not believe it? It makes things feel good. Makes me a better person. And I’m sure it was a very special experience for her girls. So, why not give it to God, or a higher power. If us as humans as we are on this earth is as good as it gets, that would suck.
    I get tired of hearing about people DONT believe, rather than what they DO believe. It’s like always knowing how much money you DONT have in your account, rather than knowing how much you DO have.
    But….that’s just me.

  26. says

    Oh Viv, I have been following you for a few months now and love every one of your posts. I am just a 22 year old girl and can’t understand all the “mom-isms” but I still love reading your positive outlook on everything.

    I feel that I am spiritual, without following one certain religion but I love these types of stories. I can only imagine the girls’ response, seeing that my mother had breast cancer at a young age but thankfully, due to many prayers and wonderful doctors, she is still with us. While I was about to move on from reading this story and the comments, Ave Maria came on to my iTunes. I have it on random and over almost 5000 songs to chose from, it chose that one. Just thought you would like to know this story didn’t just strengthen your’s or your friends faith, but mine as well. I appreciate you sharing this wonderful story. :)


  27. says

    The true definition of FAITH is to believe in something you can not see, feel, hear, etc.

    Some people are analytical that they can not fully believe without proof – and that is ok – there is LOADS & LOADS of proof of God’s great majesty.

    This is just a small example.

    Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


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    All I know is that God does miracles. Sometimes we see and recognize these moments as miracles, and sometimes they slip by us. But i know that the God of the universe loves us so unconditionally it’s insane! Maybe the girls, and hour friend, and well really anyone that will ever hear this story, needed a little reminding of gods miracles! I am visiting today because Mandi told us we could schmooze the judges if we wanted to, and I’m all for it;) jk! I am in the top 15 and hopefully will make it to the top 5!! But really, have been following your blog for awhile now and just love it, and even more know with this story! Thanks!

  29. says

    OK guys, no attacking “Null”
    They are right: I did ask “What do you think?”
    I am grateful for their honest answer. Obviously, I don’t share their opinion.

    I could argue that it wouldn’t make sense to try and spoof a caller ID and play that kind of a “joke” on someone. Especially on someone who was universally loved by the community.

    I could argue a lot of things… including that a small seed of faith might have been planted for you today. I pray that it will germinate and grow, and that God will reveal Himself to you.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I sincerely welcome you to come back again.

  30. null says

    Thank you, Vivienne. Regardless of how each person chooses to understand the cause of what happened, or how it happened, I think what is important is the result. It sounds like your friend had a personal epiphany. She had an experience that touched her life, and to me that’s what’s really important here, and that’s what I take away from this post. Thank you for sharing this story and inviting everybody to share their thoughts.

  31. says

    Wow, what an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing and to read that Elle might just start believing there is something out there. What a special gift for those girls too. I have to say as a person who lost someone close, my brother, I would LOVE a sign from him. Something to show that he is watching out for me and my family; however I am strong enough in my faith that I know, but it would still be nice.
    I don’t think I will ever forget this story. Blessings to you my friend!

  32. says

    Null, thank you for coming back again. I had hoped you would get my response. You are exactly right when you say it is the result that matters… what was the net effect on the people involved…?

    For me? I feel an answer to prayer.

    For the daughters & dad? A bit of comfort to think that somehow mom is still connected.

    For Elle? A shred of evidence that maybe there is more to this life than scientific, cold nothingness.

    I do hope that maybe that is the case for you as well. Obviously I don’t know anything about you or your stand on the concept of faith or a loving God, but please know that I’m praying for you anyway.

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    This warms my heart.

    Something similar happened to my fiance’s family:

    My fiance served an LDS mission for 14 months. They are typically 2 years but he came home early after the death of his best friend. This friend might as well have been his brother. I didn’t know Bobby until after he came home but I knew Taft before he passed.

    Growing up, Bobby and Taft had a strange affection for the jams of the Backstreet Boys. They would make youtube videos lip synching their songs, etc. Don’t judge :)

    When Taft was killed in a car accident in March of 2009, Bobby got word in Texas and struggled to stay out on the mission field for the following 3 months. Meanwhile, Taftyboy was buried with his prized possessions- including his cell phone.

    Bobby’s ringtone for Taft was a Backstreet Boys song.

    About a month after the funeral, Bobby’s mom sat down in the kitchen and thought about poor Taft and her son who was now struggling- who she couldnt talk to or hold becuase he was on a mission- suddenly her phone started playing the Backstreet Boys ringtone from Taft’s phone. Taft’s phoen was buried and the number was recylcled. Additionally, her phone wasn’t programmed to that ringtone.

    I can’t think of any other explanation either.

    (more to the story- my best friend was dating Taft and wanted to meet Bobby. She asked me to come with her to make it less awkward for her. We met a week after he came home from his mission- at Taft’s grave. We have been together ever since and are getting married next October. I think God and Taft were behind that too :) )

  34. says

    Whoa…I have no words. It is why Scripture says He is beyond our understanding. I believe absolutely that those things happen and He had to have known that it would have taken something big to bring Elle to Him. Whoa.

  35. says

    Wow, I got goosebumps reading this story. I’m at a point in my life where I’m not as close to God as I used to be. Reading stories like this reinforces the fact that I should try harder to reconnect with Him. Thanks for sharing.

  36. says

    I am nearly speechless, mouth hanging open! What an incredible touching inspiring magnificent warm spectacular event. Thank you for sharing this!

  37. says

    Wow! Just today I was at my aunt’s memorial service. She passed away last week from cancer after fighting hard for the past 5 1/2 years. We, too, had a slideshow with that version of Over the Rainbow! Ironically she and another aunt died the same day within minuets of each other. I had taken a great photo of the two of them about a month before. I’m so glad I have that to remember them by! It’s amazing how many came out to support our family! We filled the sanctuary at the church–it seats over 1,000!!!

    ~Now following.

    Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  38. says

    I have hung onto this story all day. As I shared it with my husband I started to cry and through a lump in my throat I told him I 100% believed that is was God calling to tell those beautiful girls and Matt that Donna was more than ok, that she loved them and had never left them. I also believe that through Donnas death and this incident Elle will come to know that God is real and that He loves her. That could be one reason Donna was taken home so early, part of the answer to the “why Donna” question.

    I rarely read all of the comments but today I did. I can’t help but to feel that Null was touched on a deeper level than anyone originally thought. I know Mimis heart was not to attack, she is way too kind for that, and I am sad that Null felt that way. You showed compassion and true character with the way you handled this situation. I commend you my friend and know without doubt that you will be praying for Null and I will too!

    Now lets hope I remember to watch The Talk in the morning!

  39. says

    Omg! Great story Viv! I have chills. God works in amazing ways. I loooove hearing stories like these. I am so sorry about your friend who passed. I hope this has planted a seed for the non-believer.

    Truly amazing.

    I read all the interesting comments also. We all have permission and the right to think differently but I can’t imagine thinking this wasn’t a “God” thing.

  40. says

    thanks for stopping by stuff and nonsense and reading my post on my nephew’s death…i’m so glad i came over to this…first, i do not think it was from donna, b/c the bible is pretty clear that the dead to not come back here from eternity…but, i do think that God is good and in His sweetness he gives us gifts from above that could come from no where else…if that phone call brought joy and blessing on that hurting family, then praise the Lord…and thanks for sharing this.


    stuff and nonsense

  41. says

    What an absolutely amazing story. I truly believe things like this happen all the time. We just need to be open to them. I have a faith that is rock solid and immovable. I know from personal experience that loved ones we have lost know of our pain, our trials, and hardships here in this life. I know that their love touches us and manifests itself to us in the most amazing ways sometimes. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Cancer is so cruel, especially when it takes a mommy. But I know this life is not all there is for us. This is our testing ground, our chance to learn who we really are, find our way to our Father in Heaven and truly learn what it means to be a disciple of Christ, and be “Christ like” in all that we do and say. I am miles and miles away from this, but I try to remind myself each day that this is my goal. What an amazing blessing for this family to know Donna is still watching over them. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful faith promoting story.

  42. says

    The mobile phone number was for some obscure reason registered with verizon, and they did a scheduled test call to check wether the line had been hijacked. Which is something that does happen. The ringtome might be some sort of urban myth, misunderstanding or technical fault within the phone. If the song is stored on the memory card, it could have made its way into the ring tone library. I sincerely doubt that God has entered the mobile phone age… what plan is He on? Sorry, I do not want to sound disrespectful at all, but this is pretty much the first, and most logical (to me) explanation that crossed my mind.

  43. says

    I completely believe this was from Donna I have faith that people who have gone are still able to visit us. if they need to. electrical currents and the airways are the easiest thing for them to manipulate.
    This story is exciting and I want to share it with my sister and my mom. We have all heard from our grandmother/mother. You can read about these visits on my blog called Encounters with spirits. It is there with julything.

  44. Anonymous says

    What a blessed event for the girls, I’m sure they feel very special knowing that Mom is with them. We all need those reassurances.

    Having had several experiences myself with things have have no other explanation, it is very easy for me to believe. I had 2 heart attacks when I was pregnant with our fourth child, I crashed the second time and felt myself pulled from my body. I can not describe in words what I experienced, but without a doubt I have faith that what comes next is wonderful. I’m fortunate that they revived me as I’m not ready to leave my family. But I’m grateful I got to experience that there is nothing to fear in passing.

    Your friend reminds me so much of my own friend, who recently passed from breast cancer. She fought for 6 long years. She had faith that could move mountains and when I felt it was so unfair for her to be going through so much and leaving her 2 children without a mother. She reminded me that there is more at work in this world than God, we need to remember that. That the next world will be perfect and that is the one we need to be focused on. I think that is true.

    Thanks so much for sharing this phone call from heaven. :)

  45. says

    What a blessing for that family. I had goosebumps when I saw the ringtone song. Wow.

    I hope this helps your friend and her faith.

  46. says

    Oooh, chills. Is it a miracle? a sign? a coincidence? Who knows, what it is is-Hope. Faith in what we don’t understand. Sometimes that is all we need.

  47. says

    Crying…just crying…for the girls, for Donna, for your friend….just an amazing story! It’s beautiful and sad and happy. Thank you for sharing. Also, Focus on the Family has a broadcast called When God Doesn’t Make Sense….I can’t find it one the website but if you call or email they will get it to you. It is really fantastic.

  48. says

    What an AMAZING story!! I really love faith-affirming stories like this! I ESPECIALLY like the ringtone part. I bet God was smiling down on those precious daughters.

  49. says

    This story was too much for an overly-emotional pregnant gal, Viv! But thank you so much for sharing it. I have to say that I ♥ LOVE LOVE ♥ Xazmin’s take ~ I, too, credit everything to God. Not just what I don’t understand or cannot explain. These stories just solidify :)

  50. says

    Gosh!! When something like that happens, how can you not go for the idea that it was Donna!? I mean, what other explaination is there! Wow.. what a powerful moment for the girls!! I can’t imagine. Its sortof scary on one hand and relief on the other that she might actually be here watching over them!! I’d believe.

  51. says

    Having lost my Dad at 21 and now being 43, I can tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT I believe it was Donna letting the girls know she is still out there watching them. A few times in my life when things have been impossibly difficult, I will smell my Dad’s cologne…just out of the blue…and then feel the reassurance to go on- almost simultaneously… or I will hear his voice…these people are still close…watching over us. What a blessing to her girls!

  52. says

    I got chills when I read this post, and I feel very emotional right now. What an amazing story!
    I am very happy that it is also causing your friend to have second thoughts about her atheist views. God is great! Some people are just a little stubborn in the beginning…

  53. says

    That is SO a God thing. It gave me chills…and has me all teary-eyed and appreciative of the kind of God He is! He cares so much for us and knows exactly what we need and when we need it.

    I’m praying with you that Elle will get the confirmation that she needs that there is definitely a God and that He loves her.

  54. says

    Anything is possible…with God. Yes, I believe it was Donna and I would say she is around her family all the time. Does life end or do we go on in another plane? Whenever I need to connect with God, I go outside and immerse myself in nature, for it is beauty and peace and love and then I thank God for all that he has created and for all that we are priveliged to see in this life.

  55. Anonymous says

    Wow! Truly amazing. Somehow I just came across this story by looking for a certain poem to post for my father’s remebrance on facebook. Six years ago today my father unexpectedly past away. So anyway as I was seraching for “A phone call to Heaven” I was questioning my faith and came across this story, it is just what I needed at this moment. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing tribulation. God Bless!

  56. says

    Wow. . . what a story! The kind that gives you gooseflesh and brings tears to your eyes.

    There are so many things that happen that we don’t really understand. It’s so easy to overlook them or to dismiss them as nothing since we don’t understand them. But God is alive and active and good and kind. Instead of trying to look for evidence about His existence and His work, I think we’d all be better off simply to accept things like this as a blessing from Him–which is obviously what you did. Thank you for sharing the blessing with us!

  57. says

    Thank you for posting it! It was Donna. I was searching for something like this on the internet, so that I can stop feeling a little crazy… Two years ago I have gone through similar experience… Only I DID pick up that phone call…instead of connecting it went to my voice mail. Angels were singing…very similar to Ania type of music, which I have not heard for years prior. This happed 4 hours after memorial service of my fiance’s grandmother. She was a very strong believer, unlike me. Also we were not that close, but I think she was trying to connect with her grandson and let him know that she is ok. I could not stop the tears. I called back that # right away. The first time I got the angelic music before it even rang. The second time the message came that the # is not in service…

  58. says

    Wow! THIS WAS AN AMAZING STORY. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. I am crying my heart out. I was writing on my mom obituary page online And stated that I wish we could talk or have some sort of communication and here this story reaches me in middle of the night. SMH. GOD IS AMAZING!

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