So simple, it’s stupid… Dollar Tree make-over.

These little resin birds (and other hideous little figurines) are available in every Dollar Tree, 99 Cent store, etc in the country.

Despite the fact that this little birdie was manufactured with gorilla toes, I brought him home and introduced him to my good friend Rustoleum Heirloom White. (Then I sprayed him with a coat of clear gloss to make him EXTRA shiny…)

Now he looks pretty…. ‘cept for those wacky simian toes he has going for him. I figure that those toes will help distract from the fact that I need to dust.

To borrow from some bloggy pals of mine: Don’t you judge me!

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    Love the title of this post. :) And I literally chuckled with your gorilla toes comment. I mean, my belly literally jiggled, actually.

    I’ve spray painted ugly little figurines from the dollar store before, but I was super shocked to see your after. I’m going to have to use that spray paint, b/c the shine in it made SO much better. It looks so good!

    Love you Viv!

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    I usually ABHOR the things bloggers do with spray paint, especially if it involves beautiful antique wooden furniture.

    BUT – – – this is simply amazing. Makes me want to run right out to Dollar General and buy some little birds and spray away to my heart’s content.


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    OH…and are you sure you didn’t STEAL this idea? Or are you encouraging OTHERS to STEAL this idea instead of coming up with their OWN creativeness? I would HATE for you to get bitched out again.

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    You know you totally ruined the integrity of the art of that piece right?
    And someone is probably crying that you called their artwork birds’ feet gorilla toes.
    Other than that, IT ROCKS.
    The gorilla toes. MY GAWD. They ARE!!!

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    I just did that myself with some Dollar Store birds. Seems the only way to put them to use is to paint them….and you’re completely right – it does have gorilla toes.

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    super cute – my dollar store birdies luckily came in creamy white with a slight orange/brown glaze, they didn’t require paint, but your definitely needed a good coating of white – I love him all white and he looks great on the books! :)

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