Black twig and pumpkin Halloween porch decor.

If only I could have grown my own pumpkin, this project would have cost zero dollars. (Instead it cost me $4.99)  I love the sticks and twigs that fall all over our neighborhood.  They are easy for me to grab up and spray paint, and make this fun black twig and pumpkin arrangement for my front porch.

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I took some of the many, MANY sticks and branches I’ve been collecting for my upcoming Halloween Party and spray painted them black. (I just throw ’em in a big pile and turn them every few coats….)

I spray painted an old ratty terra cotta pot while I was at it. Inside the bigger pot, I placed a smaller one. This elevated the pumpkin and created a little gap of about an inch all the way around. I tucked the sticks in around it.

That’s it….
It’s practically free.


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