You know those fake orange pumpkins you can buy at craft stores? The ones that look like fake pumpkins? You know, the fake ones pretending to be real.

Everyone knows they’re fake. If they’re already fake looking, you may as well make them look like they’re supposed to be that way.

I take my fake pumpkin and paint black lines in the creases. Before it can dry, I apply metallic copper paint in between the black lines. Working with one or two “stripes” of copper paint at a time, get your paint brush wet and go over the area, letting the water blend the two colors a bit. (Do not use a foam brush for this project.)

Continue the process until the entire pumpkin is completely covered.

I spray an indoor-outdoor clear sealant on the pumpkins once they’re dry.

You can leave them at that, or paint/stencil a word (blessings, thankful), your address, etc.
Now it’s out in the open that they’re fake pumpkins. No more pretending to be something they’re not…


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    That’s it! I may not be able to have fake boobies but I sure as hell can get myself some decent looking fake pumpkins! I already have all the stuff to make mine look better, now I just need to find the time to do it!

    Thanks for the tip!


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    Ooo, that’s cool V.

    I searched everywhere for WHITE pumpkins this year.

    I was told by a woman with a sky-high beehive hairdo that white pumpkins are So Last Year.

    I found some at Target, but they are bad, fake white.

    I tried a paint re-do and failed, but you’ve inspired me to ignore more schoolwork, I mean; try again.

    I LOVE your craftiness.

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    I’m glad you cleared that up…I would have thought they were real…such posers! They look fantastic and I love your idea of stenciling your street number or a word on them! Too cute!!

    Hope you’re having a great week!♥

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