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Using Epsom Salt in your Christmas Decorating.

Epsom salt…  Isn’t that what people soak sore feet in? I wouldn’t know.  I only use it for crafts and decorating. Epsom salt is a fabulous, frosty looking salt crystal.  You can pick it up at any drug store or grocery store in the health/pharmacy section.  I use it a lot during the winter.  It looks […]

Simple Christmas planters. (Using Christmas tree clippings.)

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I have mentioned how much I love me some sticks, but I also love Christmas Tree lots and their bounty of free evergreen clippings!  Even if your family has an artificial tree, you can still cruise by the lot and ask for  some of the extra Christmas tree clippings. Your local lot is busy selling […]

Hello! I’m Vivienne from The V Spot, a little blog where I share crafts, recipes, and funny stories about my family.   I love making beautiful things on a budget, and today I am going to show you how to make a holiday craft using one of my very favorite FREE decor items, sticks! Who doesn’t […]