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Teachers drink wine too...

You know I like wine… and wine cork crafts, right? Grant made me a wine cork craft for Christmas.  It’s this sweet little “bulletin board” of wine corks, glued onto a ruler. Pin He also made me a “To-Do” list of what he thought would be a day of bliss for me: #1 Wrap presents; #2 Make coffee; #3 Make breakfast and #4 Watch TV….

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I'm going to start letting Grant pick out my shoes.

Scene:  I am working on the computer.  Grant is in the next room watching TV.  I cannot see him or the TV, but I can hear everything.  I hear the word Shoedazzle, whatever that is.  I assume that it’s like the Bedazzler, but specifically for shoes. (You remember the Bedazzler, right?  It was all the crafty rage 10 or 15 years ago.) Pin source  Grant…

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Evil, talking socks.

Scene: Getting ready for our annual camping trip and we’ve been charging the batteries for the walkie-talkies.  Grant had a dental check-up a few hours before and had chosen plastic vampire teeth from the dentist’s “goodie box” as a reward for being a good patient not squirming too much. I noticed a lone sock sitting on the dining room table.  (Odd, because they’re usually under the…

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