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In case you missed it: Weekly Wrap-Up

OK, we have had a yucky, flu-filled week around here.  Has it hit you or your family yet?  Buckle up if you get it… it’s a toughie.  The fact that HH and I haven’t gotten it yet is a miracle.  (Knock wood!)
The biggest bummer about the flu is that we had to cut short our Surprise Trip to Disneyland because Grant came down with it during our weekend.  Poor Bub!

In addition to dosing out OTC flu remedies and taking temperatures, here’s what happened around here this week:

champagne bucket, planter, disneyland, fireworks, zagg phone charger, portable charger, st patricks day, shamrocks, clover, veggie chips, green giantPin

Monday:  I repurposed a tarnished champagne bucket with a little paint and some succulents.
Tuesday:  Portable phone chargers!?!  Why didn’t anyone tell me that I could recharge my phone from my purse?!  This thing is awesome!
Wednesday: The wrap up post for the (non-sick) day for our Weekend at Disneyland.  (I love that photo of him… totally amazed by the fireworks show.)
Thursday:  Make a Lucky Shamrock planter for St. Patrick’s Day (using weeds and a rock!)
Friday: I don’t like veggies, but I sure like these Veggie Snack Chips from The Green Giant.  (Primarily because they taste like snacks and not like veggies…)

Happy weekend!

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