The Homework Battle, or “What must the teachers think of us?!”

Grant was out with the flu all last week.  (Remember the sad end to his Disneyland weekend?)  Well, we’re currently focused on doing all of his make-up work.  It makes me crazy that he would rather do his own thing than follow directions.  It would be so much easier if he would just bang it out and be done with it.

I’ve been fighting this battle for quite a while.  These videos are from two years ago.  He had spelling and writing homework..

As I checked over his work I noticed that in one section he had to use “because”, “now” or “there” in EXCITING sentences. (In other words, we needed exclamation points and spelling words.)

Yep. You heard correctly… Grant’s sentence was:
Do you know who’s cool? ME!

We read the homework instructions together…. I pointed out that he has not used any of the required spelling words, and that it was probably not the kind of sentence his teacher was looking for.
Oh!! He’s got it. How about now…?

Lord have mercy.
You all keep your fingers crossed for me as I fight the homework battle, ok?  I’ll be back tomorrow with an Easter craft.


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    Oh my goodness that was absolutely hilarious and I wouldn’t have been able to keep from busting out laughing!!!!

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