When Pigs Fly: a cute Dollar Store piggy bank.

Hello, my dear V Spot Readers.  You know that I am pretty open about my family life and I try to  keep it pretty real around here.  On Wednesday afternoon our son, Mitch, was hit and run over by a car.  (A Suburban!  Good Lord!)  He is going to be alright, thank God, but while we focus on Mitch you’re going to see a few guests dropping by to help me out a bit here and there.  Thank you for your prayers and support, and please welcome my friend Jessica from Mad in Crafts.  She’s going to share a super cute Dollar Store craft with you today.

Hi!  I am Jessica from Mad in Crafts, and I am glad to be able to help Viv out and be here today.  Vivienne, as you readers know by now, is a pretty amazing lady and blogger, and I have been praying for a quick and full recovery for Mitch!  This is a project that I completed while we were still in spray painting weather here in Michigan.  It’s probably spray paint weather all year in California… not that I am jealous or anything.

When Pigs Fly Dollar Store Piggy Bank

I was starting to have mommy guilt that my son had a cool piggy bank that matched his Space Geek Bedroom and my daughter didn’t, so I decided to craft one up for her too.  I found another dollar store piggy bank and decorated it to fit in perfectly with her Fairy Garden Bedroom.
Even if you don’t need to match a piggy bank to a fairy garden room, I think this could be a fun bank to have in your home.  Use it to save up for an extra special something: a new vehicle, an expensive pair of shoes, a big vacation (maybe to someplace particularly happy?).  Something that you would normally only be able to buy “when pigs fly!”
To make a When Pigs Fly piggy bank, you will need.
dollar store piggy bank
dollar store butterfly

dollar store piggy bank

Dollar Tree often has piggy banks in stock, but I was excited to find this “royal” piggy last fall.  The blue wasn’t going to work in my daughter’s bedroom, which gave me a chance to get my glitter on.

glitter blast spray

I used painter’s tape  to tape off the silver crown and to block off the coin slot.  Then I gave the piggy a few shots of Krylon Glitter Blast in Posh Pink.  This is some concentrated glitter, friends.  After it dried, the piggy had the same shimmer as if I had used loose glitter, but none of it rubs off!  I used the Silver Flash Glitter Blast for my craft room cork board too.

krylon glitter blast piggy bank

While I LOVE the finish that the Glitter Blast gives, this particular can got clogged after a few minutes of use… AND WOULD NOT STOP SPRAYING.  I was very thankful I was spraying outdoors because there was a section of lawn that ended up looking very fabulous after the can emptied itself.

Piggy bank fairy wings

Every once in a while, Dollar Tree carries decorative butterflies near their floral section.  I ripped the wings off of the butterfly body and attached them to the piggy bank with adhesive dots.  The wings are attached to wires which can be adjusted to make the wings look extra pretty.

glittery piggy bank
If there were a piggy bank that was also queen of the fairies, I am pretty sure this is exactly what she would look like.
Dollar Store Fairy Princess Piggy Bank

Whenever my daughter finds spare change, she quickly runs to her room to deposit it in her pretty piggy bank.  I like that it is teaching her to be excited about saving when it’s so easy to be excited about spending.
Speaking of which, what would you buy when pigs fly?

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Thanks again Jessica!

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    Very sorry to hear about your son. What a terrible thing to have happen. I’m glad to hear that he’s going to be ok.
    The little piggy bank is cute :)

  2. says

    Heck, Vivienne, is he really ok? Are YOU ok? What an awful thing to happen and yes, I know it could have been worse, but even so. Hugs to you and the boy. And thank you for letting us know. It’s hard to write bad news in a blog.

    As for the flying pig piggy bank, that’s super cute and I didn’t know that glitter spray paint was so effective. So that’s how people make glittery stuff without it falling off everywhere!

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