In case you missed it: Weekly Wrap-Up

Do you know where I am right now?  I am at Disneyland’s California Adventure with Grant and HH, celebrating Grant’s 9th birthday.  Please follow along, using hashtag #grant2disney

Mitch is doing great!  He is going to move from the wheelchair to a special walker next week and has full extension of his arm.  Thanks for your continued prayers.  (If you hadn’t heard, here’s what happened.)

Here’s what else has been going on.

Monday:  I filled you in on the amazing plans for a trip to Disneyland for Grant’s 9th birthday.
Tuesday: Angie from Country Chic Cottage showed us how to make twine-wrapped eggs for spring and Easter.
Wednesday: A genius idea from Shannon at Madigan Madeusing nail polish for handmade cards.
Thursday:  A cool idea for a toothbrush and how to extend the life of your Valentine’s Day flowers.
Friday: Check out Grant’s reaction when we told him about his weekend plans…

Please follow along with our Disney fun today!  I am going to be instagram-ingtweeting and facebook-ing the whole time too.   (I’m on Vine too… @thevspotblog.)

Happy weekend!

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