Easy faux robin eggs for spring. A video tutorial.

Last month I shared what I saw and what I liked at the CHA winter trade show.  I wrote about new products I was excited about and the things I saw that inspired me.  However, the reason that I was there in the first place was to share how I make these faux robin eggs using Plaid products.

I was a smidge nervous because they were recording the video tutorial and interview, but all things considered, it wasn’t too bad!

The supplies used for this project are:

You can see some really great crafts and tutorials on Plaid’s Craft channel on YouTube.  Go check it out and get inspired!



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    I have been waiting for this! Since my speakers are broken in my office computer, I am pinning and getting back to next week. Definitely using this for my next PFM sale. Thanks for sharing. Hope your family, and especially your son are doing better. Lot of good thoughts and prayers sent your way.

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