Extending the life of a fading floral arrangement.

Did you get any pretty flowers for Valentine’s Day?  I did.  Hubs brought home a gorgeous arrangement, with stargazer lilies and roses the size of tea cups!  But less than a week later, I found myself needing to spruce it up a bit.

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These flowers were gorgeous.  I am not understanding how I failed to take a photo of the whole arrangement, however, I did snap a phone pic of a few roses in all of their glory.

Valentine's Day, red, pink, roses, leaves, greenery

So pretty!  But before they could open up, their little necks got all droopy and it looked like they nodded off during church.  What the what?  Well… I wasn’t done enjoying the color or the fragrance, so I decided to do a little flower arranging of my own.

I took the droopy buds, pulled off any outer petals that looked discolored or dried out, then I clipped the stem 2 to 3 inches below the bud.

Next, I got a low, waterproof container and a big hunk of floral foam.  This is different from dry foam.  This is the kind that is specifically for flower arranging.  You soak the foam in water and it both holds the flowers in place and keeps them wet.  Everyone should have one.
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Wedge the piece of foam into the container and then insert the little stems into the foam.  You might find it helpful to “pre-drill” a hole with a skewer so that you aren’t needing to push on the petals to get the stems into the foam.  Keep adding flowers until the foam is covered.

Easy!  Hopefully I will get a few more days of enjoyment out of these beauties.

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    For sad roses (I don’t think this would work with other flowers) Cut the stem at an angle about an inch up from the base. Have a small pan of boiling water and stick the end of the rose in. Count to ten. Find a tall narrow container, ideally up to the base of the rose head (wine bottles are good for one rose. Tall thin vase for a bunch) and stand the rose in it. If the rose is very droopy, wrap a collar of damp kitchen paper around it to support the flowerhead. Stand in the fridge. This almost always works unless the rose is too far gone.

    Your rose bowl idea is lovely! I have to admit, I hadn’t thought of using the foam for a rose bowl. It is the best way to keep roses, specially garden roses, nice and perky. Thank you for sharing.

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