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Check out all the things you can make with aluminum cans!

Hello, friends!  I love upcycling and recycling projects, and there is no one better at this than Johnnie at Saved By Love Creations.  Not only is she super talented, but she can sniff out other fabulous projects and round them up, categorize them and make them easy to find in one place! I’ve written before about how much I love her 50+ round-ups.    You can see some of my favorite round ups here.   
Today she’s sharing all the things one can do with soda cans.  Enjoy!
Upcycled Pop can 50+ roundup by @savedbyloves, at The VSpot BlogPin
Hi V Spot Blog fans! I am Johnnie from Saved By Love Creations. I am super excited to be here today to share with you a great collection of over 50 projects to make using recycled pop (or soda) cans. If you have been to SBLC, you probably know that I love upcycling everything, but especially aluminum cans, and that I am a big fan of Vivienne! You will see several of my projects, as well as many others that I can’t wait to try someday. I hope you are inspired to raid your recycling bin. If you have an aluminum can project that I missed, just email me a link and I will add you to the group. Enjoy!

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