An easy Valentine’s Day globe.

I have a few items in my home/craft closet that I just re-do over and over and over again.  (This usually involves spray paint.)  One of those items is an old globe…

A few years ago I picked this globe up at a yard sale for about 50 cents.   My first re-do was my Scary Places Halloween Chalkboard globe…  After that, I covered it with ribbons

To go from Halloween to Valentine’s Day, the first thing I did was tear off the ribbons and spray the over the chalkboard paint with a nice white primer.

Once the primer is dry, spray a nice big area with black paint.  Why?  So you can have black letters on your globe, of course!

I used my Cricutto cut the letters out of Contact Paper (You can also purchase adhesive letters to at the craft store.)  Stick them to the globe where you’d like them to go.

Once you have the letters adhered to the globe, spray over it with red paint and let it dry.

Next, I cut out a contact paper heart and centered it over the letters.

Unless you cut little slits in the heart, it will not lay flat.  I am lazy… so I did not do this.  Just smooth out the wrinkles and make sure the edges are sealed.  It’s not perfect, but whatever.  It’s close enough for government work.  Spray over everything with white primer again.

Now, you can wait for it to dry and then spray with a white paint, or you can be lazy like me and just leave it white primer.  I kind of like the contrast between the the flat primer and the glossy red and black paint.  (Which was convenient, since I am lazy.)

Once you’re done peel off the heart…

…then peel off the letters.

There ya go.

Easy and fun.


  1. says

    What an awesome idea! I bought a globe at a yard sale a few years ago and have done nothing with it! I love this idea!!! SHaring it on my Facebook Fan Page!

  2. Isabell says

    Would you consider selling one of these to me, I love the idea and thing this would be an great gift. Please let me know great job.

    • Vivienne says

      Hi Isabell, sorry. I actually gave this globe to a friend and don’t have any more to make-over. I’m glad you like it though, and if you ever see an old globe, hopefully you will be able to make it over. :)

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