A surprise trip to Disneyland for Grant’s birthday…

I’m kind of a sucky mom.
Grant’s birthday is this Friday.  He will be turning 9.  And he lives in Southern California and has never been to Disneyland.  Crazy, right?
I repeat, I’m kind of a sucky mom.

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Last year around his birthday we had a lot going on, and this year we’ve had a lot going on, (what IS it about February and March around here!?) and one of the by-products of all of that drama is that Grant’s birthday has gotten glossed over in the process.  Well, not this year!  This year we are taking him to Disneyland for a special 2 day vacation!  We’ll be vacationing locally!!

In January I was able to go with some fellow bloggers for a few hours…

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The whole time I was there, I kept thinking about how lame it was that we hadn’t made time to go to Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure with Grant.  Seriously, we are 20 minutes from The Happiest Place on Earth… There’s no excuse.  I decided that we need to vacation locally.

I am so excited about what we’re going to do!!
On this Friday morning (his actual birthday) we are going to get him up for school, just like any other morning.  I might even let him start getting ready for school… then we are going to tell him that he is NOT going to school, and is going to Disneyland with mom and dad instead.

Then?  We’re going to go to Disneyland for the entire day and we will do any and everything he wants to do.  Then?! We’re going to spend the night at the amazing Disneyland Hotel and get up the next morning and go to California Adventure for the whole day!

Seeing this through Grant’s eyes is going to be amazing!
I’m going to post the video of us surprising him with this trip on Friday morning before we leave, and I am going to be instagram-ing, tweeting and facebook-ing the whole time too.
Please follow along with us.  We’ll be using the hashtag#grant2disney.

Now, to just keep from spilling the beans in my excitement!

By the way, now through March 11, 2013 there is a 3-day Park Hopper Pass that you can get that’s basically a savings of about $30 a day.  Check that out, but also check out the SPECIAL OFFERS page that Disneyland has for ongoing packages and discounts.



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    Hooray! And yes, I understand. When I lived in London, I didn’t take my kids to the Tower, or London Zoo or Buckingham Palace or…

    You get the idea? If it’s local, you never go!

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    Holy crap, I can’t imagine being that close! Totally hear you on the not doing the local thing! I am so guilty of that, but at least you are making up for it in a BIG way! Pretty cool mom, if you ask me!

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    How fun! We did the whole surprise thing with the kids as well. We don’t live locally but we went on a vacation and they had no clue we were going to Disneyland. We didn’t tell them until we were almost to the entrance of Disneyland. The moment was priceless! We caputured on video (which I posted on youtube for fun) I still get teary eyed when I watch it. This will be such a fun moment for Grant – have fun!!!

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