In case you missed it: two weeks’ worth of Weekly Wrap-Ups

It’s been pretty busy around here.  So much so that I couldn’t manage to get a post up everyday and couldn’t even manage to get a Weekly Wrap-Up post up last week.
That means that today you get two weeks’ worth of Wrap-Up.

Two weeks ago:

Monday: I updated my Mom Uniform
Tuesday: Shared the secret to turning any cut of steak into melt-in-your-mouth prime… salt.
Wednesday: An Exchage of the DayGrant, wine corks and smart-alecks.
Thursday: The easiest, make-ahead chicken, ever. 10 minutes or less = ready to eat, lean protein!
Friday: My top 5 posts of all time.

Last week:

Monday: Excited at the prospect of seeing new craft products and techniques at CHA 2013!
Tuesday:  (Nothing!  I was exhausted after a long weekend at CHA!)
Wednesday: The top 5 new craft products I most want to get my hands on.
Thursday: How to make a green smoothie.  (Yum.  Seriously.  Yum.)
Friday:  And they say chivalry is dead…

Have a great weekend!
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