Using Epsom Salt in your Christmas Decorating.

Epsom salt…  Isn’t that what people soak sore feet in?
I wouldn’t know.  I only use it for crafts and decorating.
Epsom salt is a fabulous, frosty looking salt crystal.  You can pick it up at any drug store or grocery store in the health/pharmacy section.  I use it a lot during the winter.  It looks great in vases and apothecary jars.
Christmas, decor, decorations, holiday. candy cane, epsom salt, easy, snowy
You can add the salt, then add ornaments or candy canes on top of it.  It’s easy to add greenery too.
Use a glass vase and add a smaller vase or jar inside and fill with water.  Add epsom salt to the bottom of the vase, around the jar.  Add ornaments until the jar is hidden, then fill the jar with greenery.  (I just used Christmas tree clippings… You know how I love them and use them everywhere!)
And how about using epsom salts to make these fabulously frosty branches?  (Free sticks and branches?  Yes, please!)
Christmas, decor, decorations, holiday, epsom salt, easy, snowy, frosty, sticks, branches
Christmas, decor, decorations, holiday, epsom salt, easy, snowy, sticks, branches, floral design

Click here to see how to make these branches.

Want something a bit more crafty?  How about this sparkly epsom salt snowman?

Christmas, decor, decorations, snowman, holiday, epsom salt, easy, snowy
Click here to see how to make this snowman.
If you’re interested in more craft ideas using epsom salts, there is actually a crafts page on the Epsom Salt Council’s website that has some cute ideas.

Have fun!


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