Simple Christmas planters. (Using Christmas tree clippings.)

I have mentioned how much I love me some sticks, but I also love Christmas Tree lots and their bounty of free evergreen clippings!  Even if your family has an artificial tree, you can still cruise by the lot and ask for  some of the extra Christmas tree clippings.

Your local lot is busy selling trees, clipping off the bottom branches and attaching the trunks to stands for customers.  They treat those clippings like trash!  If you ask for them, they will be tickled pink to have you haul some away for them.  It’s win-win!

Remember the Spiderweb Topiaries I made for Halloween?  I am embarrassed to say that I pulled the webs off and then have just had them sitting… little Halloween carcasses flanking my front door.  Festive?  Not so much.

However, just fill with a little water and start adding the clipped greenery.

Add a few ornaments and maybe some frosty sticks…  In no time you’ll have the easiest little porch topiary ever!



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