Rent a dress for a big event? I was skeptical too…

Holiday parties.  Yay!  What do I wear? Boo!

This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share this little find with you.  Back in October, Handsome Hubby and I had a black tie charity event to go to and I needed an evening gown.  I would have to take off my Mom Uniform of jeans, flip-flops and a T shirt. hmmm…

Um, sort of a problem.

#1  I hate wasting money.  The thought of shelling out hundreds of dollars for something I will wear exactly once is not very appealing to me

#2  I hate “mission” shopping.  Anytime I am forced to go from store to store to store looking for a specific anything, I don’t like it.  If it’s an article of clothing for me, it’s even worse.

#3  There is a very specific style that fits my body, and the stores all had the same selection.  (Which also meant that it was very likely I would spend too much on a dress I didn’t really like, only to discover someone else at the same event would be wearing it too.)

I went shopping.  Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Sak’s…

As you can see, I started out as a pretty good sport, and as I continued my shopping trip(s) I was ready to punch someone in the throat.)

It. Sucked.
Every single thing I tried on seemed to be strapless, which only accentuates my linebacker sized shoulders (I need a v-neck) or they were draped in a way that made me look heavier than I actually was.  (Who needs that!?) It was like this in several different stores.

And the price tags…


Then someone said I should look into renting a dress.  Rent a dress?  I assumed meant that I would need to find a brick and mortar store and go try them on.   Nope.  I rented a dress from Rent The

Boo.  Crappy cell phone picture.

It is an online company where you can rent designer dresses (and handbags and jewelry) for just a fraction of the price.  I was soooooo skeptical.  But then I started poking around and looking at the dresses, and more importantly, reading the reviews and seeing the photos that real women had uploaded.

The reviews are thorough and helpful.  Things like “I’m 5’7″ and this was a little long so I had to wear a higher heel, but it runs a bit small so order a size up from what you’d normally wear, etc.”
And then seeing photos of what the dress looks like on REAL women was so helpful.

You can narrow your search by size, length, color, neckline, designer, etc.

So for this example, I narrowed my search to find only long red dresses in my size.  You can also add what kind of neckline you want to your search.  I searched for a V-neck.  This is the dress I actually rented.  A $650 dress for $125?  OK.  That I can do.  There are 31 reviews that go into great detail.  Super helpful when trying to choose.

This is what terrified me about the process: You get the dress for 4 days, but it arrives only a day or 2 before your event….  A day or two?! What if it doesn’t fit?! What if it looks horrible on me?! What will I wear if this doesn’t work?!  How will I find a dress in 2 days when I haven’t found one in 2 months?!

I read all of the reviews, then chatted online with a “style expert” who helped me determine the size to get.  When you rent the dress, they actually send you two dresses to try on.  I ordered one in the size I thought I would wear, then I ordered the next size up, just to be safe.  My $125 covered both dresses.
They were also running a special at the time, where for an additional $25 I could try a different dress/style as well.  I tried this one too.

So here is what I ended up receiving in the mail:

Two sizes of each dress.  One of each of the dresses fit like a glove.  It came down to the one I felt better in, which also happened to be the one that Handsome Hubby liked the most (and that I didn’t need a special bra to wear with it, if truth be told….)

They arrived on my doorstep right when they were supposed to and they were beautifully packaged in a garment bag, which you get to keep. Also included was a large, prepaid return envelope.  When you’re done with the dress, you don’t clean it or worry about it at all, you just put it into the return envelope (along with the other dresses that you didn’t wear) and pop it into the mail.  Easy.

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We had a really great time at the event, in part because I felt so good in what I was wearing and that I was not going to have a shopping hangover.  In a room full of beautiful people, you want to feel good too, right?

Oh!  And I rented earrings too!  $20 instead of $300!  Woot!

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Even with a little more than a week before New Year’s Eve, you could still rent a drop dead gorgeous, designer outfit.  Again, this is NOT a sponsored post, but I really believe in sharing great finds and good deals when I come across them.

Just sharin’….


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    I love it! There’s no way I’d buy a dress for something like that b/c I would NEVER wear it again – so this is the perfect solution. I love that you can try different sizes too . . . that is what sold me. I will use them for my next event! Such a cool service!

    PS – you looked great! 😀

  2. says

    What a great resource you shared. I know I already told you.. but you looked amazing! Love the couple shot of you and Eva with your guys 😉 It looked like a wonderful event.

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