How to dress for strangers…? (Not.)

Poor Conner got his wisdom teeth out today.  As we were leaving to get in the car, I noticed he was wearing shorts and two different socks.
Me: “Conner!  You need to run back in the house and change your socks!”
Conner:  “You said to dress comfortably, and I didn’t have two that matched.  This isn’t our regular dentist.  It’s not like I’ll see him again…”

This is a typical Conner Sock…


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    well, my son kept a running conversation about the cute assistants on the way to the car and throughout the drive home. at one point he thought he could get out of the backseat of a two door vehicle so he could go back to see them again. His sister and I were laughing so hard that we took side streets home ather than drive on the freeway. We still get some laughs about it.

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    Is this a universal boy thing? I throw out on average one to two socks per week that look like this. Oh yes, and the no matching socks issue has been here too.

    So funny about the perception of never seeing someone again, so what does it matter how I look? This says a great deal about how the average teenage boy brain sees fashion and grooming. Hope you have a very Happy New Year! -K

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