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In case you missed it: Weekly Wrap-Up

We are finally getting back on track around here after several bouts of the flu.  Blah!  No fun!  Fortunately, I’m feeling much better because I am in full blown Thanksgiving prep mode.  Is it just me, or does it seem like it’s coming incredibly early this year…?

At any rate, here’s what’s been going on:


Monday: I took empty jars and tree bark and made these easy hurricanes.
Tuesday:  The SoCal Social was great… I finally got around to doing my wrap up.
Wednesday:  My sweet Conner turned 16, and I found an easy way to get a quick bite to eat.
Thursday: Even though I am not a jewelry maker, I LOVE this book.  (You need it!)
Friday: I took my real, orange pumpkins and blinged them out for Thanksgiving.

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