A simple way to turn an EZ-Up into a party cabana.

On Monday I shared photos from our Halloween party.  One of the things I am just kicking myself over is that I did not get good photos of the “cabanas” we created for the party.

In the back yard we set up one white EZ-Up and in the front yard we set up two, side by side.  The front EZ-Ups were tied together and had white “walls” that velcro-ed into place to create a bit more privacy.

The black panels were what made these look less like EZ-Ups and more like cabanas.  Want to know what they are?

Plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Store.  At a dollar a piece we were able to create the look for less than 5 bucks!  I took Duck Brand Tape in Midnight Madness and taped the tops of the panels to the EZ-Up, centering the panels on the corners.  When secure, we simply tied a ribbon about halfway down and fluffed it, creating a little volume.  Easy!

Wrap it with little white lights and you are all set!  We also hung chandeliers from the middle of the “cabanas” for a little extra ambiance.

There are so many possibilities for this.  Depending on the occasion, you can easily choose different colors and make it work for just about anything.

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