Make hanging lanterns out of empty glass jars.

The other week I shared how I fixed chewed up, grody planters and then made lit, spider topiaries for them.  As promised, here’s how I made the hanging lanterns for the center, just using empty glass jars.

We all have eleventy billion empty jars laying around, right?  Here’s a simple way to get another use out of them before recycling them.  (You know how I love temporary, right?)

Start with your empty jars.  I wanted these to burn for a really long time, so I put a larger votive candle inside the jar, but tealights are always good too.

Start by cutting a length of wire that would wrap around the mouth of the jar at least 3 times.  I use simple jewelry wire that you can get at any craft store.

Put a big dollop of hot glue on the mouth of the jar and place the center of the length of wire into the glue.  Wrap both ends around the jar and meet up again in the same spot  where you put the hot glue.  Now put a little more.  Twist the remaining wire together to create a twisted single strand of wire.  Do the same thing for the other side.  Twist the two ends together to create a handle.

Now embellish the jar.  You can use anything you want.  I had two battered gift bags with rhinestone embellishments on them, so I tore them off and cut them up.

Make sure the handle is long enough so that it isn’t touched by the flame from the candle and you’re good to go.  I hang these in trees when we’re entertaining… it looks really pretty.  When I’m done, into the recycle bin they go!


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