“Hurtful Times” (A Grant story.)

Grant seems to really enjoy writing stories.  Part of it is that they really push something called Writer’s Workshop in his school, the other is that he is just a funny kid with a big imagination, which helps to bring out the story-teller in him.

I was cleaning up in his room and found a story he wrote in school last year.
I give you: Hurtful Times.

A few years ago he got hit in the head with a rock while we were camping.  He has written about it several times.  (While building a dam in the creek, his brothers made the stupid decision to start throwing rocks at each other.  Poor Grant got caught in the cross-fire.)

Excuse the mobile phone pics… as I said I was cleaning in his room.

I love the detail in this picture.  I am pretty sure he drew an A on his shirt because of the Angels baseball team, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of something else…

So, yeah.  Dorky brothers throwing rocks at each other…?  Don’t stand in the middle of them.

Momma was NOT happy to have to drive 50 miles to take a trip to the ER.

Stitches in one’s head are not fun.  I don’t blame him for never wanting to go back to that damn dam.

I’m looking forward to the stories about the Skateboard and Spikes and Needles.
Do your kids write stories and draw pictures like this?  What is your favorite?

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    I am laughing so hard at “I never want to go that “Damn” again. I feel the same way about many things in life. Grant is very insightful. Today was the service for my friend, I needed a good laugh. Thank you for sharing. -K

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