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Easy pedestal pumpkin for Thanksgiving.

I know we’re coming down to the wire for Thanksgiving decor.  I also know that I said no more pumpkins.  (Never mind.)

(I did this a few years ago, but wanted to “bump” it.)  A simple decoration for your Thanksgiving buffet or entry way:

This was super easy to do.  You will need:

  • an old candlestick
  • an old plate
  • a pumpkin (real or fake)
  • glue
  • silver spray paint
  • white paint (acrylic or spray paint)
  • white or transluscent glitter
  • black ribbon (and any other embellishment you might want)
  • cardstock
Glue the plate to the top of the candlestick.  When dried, paint it silver.  Paint the pumpkin white, then sprinkle with glitter.  When dry, adhere the pumpkin to the plate.  Create a little card or tag with the word or phrase of your choice.  Wrap the ribbon around the stem and attach the card to the ends.



MiMi said...

November 20, 2012 at 4:50 pm
I remember this one.
I'm calling PA now. Pumpkins Anonymous. They serve...pumpkin roll at their meetings.

Mary Beth said...

November 21, 2012 at 1:48 pm
I love this pumpkin ~ blingy! Have a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Vivienne! : )

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