A transitional floral arrangement: Fall into Winter Centerpiece.

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Ours was wonderful, and I will have a wrap-up post coming on next week.  Until then, I wanted to quickly show you an easy way to start bringing in “the winter” while not rushing out “the fall”

This floral arrangement can be an easy transition between the seasons and a great winter centerpiece.  You just need to add a few winter elements to your autumn arrangement.

Click HERE to turn regular pumpkins into these blinged out beauties.

I created this easy arrangement for our Thanksgiving decor.  We have kind of a bare spot on one end of our BBQ island and I wanted something tall for the space.

By taking frosted branches (click HERE to make your own) and adding regular sticks and branches to them, you get a nice mix of fall and winter.  Use a foam block, wedged into a vase or old urn to build your arrangement, then add in a few spray of berries or other autumnal elements.

I know that the stores are prepared for Christmas by July, but I don’t want to rush it.  I won’t put out a single Christmas decoration until December 1st… but frosty decor mixed in with the fall elements is the perfect transition for me.  (Click HERE to see how I use my pumpkins one more time by “frosting” them  for the week between Thanksgiving and December.)

At any rate, it’s cheap and easy.  (And you know how much I love that!)
Happy holidays!


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