The Great Halloween Party Wrap Up! (2012 edition)

Saturday night we had our third annual Halloween Party.

Medusa & Perseus (except it wasn’t Perseus’ night…Medusa turned him to stone.)

We invite friends to come in costume and ask them to BYOB and to bring a dish of some kind to share on the buffet table.  I used to try to do everything myself (including the food) but I am much more willing to let that go and instead, focus on the part I really love… The decor.  Ready for photo overload?  Good.

Click here to see how I made the faux hammered tin planters.  Tutorial for the hanging jar lanterns inside the topiaries coming soon.

I love my candlelight and tried to have it everywhere.  Oh, and little white lights…. little white lights make everything better.

My sister took photos for me while I was turning myself into Medusa.  It’s not easy to get clear shots without a flash.  I did not give her any specific instructions what to shoot, and I completely forgot to get a shot of the house from the street.  We put two white EZ-Ups in the front and draped them with black panels to make Halloween “cabanas” and I am kicking myself for not getting a photo.

The best party of any party, though?  Friends.  In costume.

We had a contest for best costume and although there were some great ones there, our friends Brett & Laurie took the prize… we didn’t recognize them at all until they spoke.

The Boobs were very popular…

Serious photo overload…

Lots of funny…

I was thrilled that my friend Jeff was able to come by.  (He’s the bee in the upper right photo.)  I haven’t seen him in about 4 years, and it made my night to see him.

Of course it’s important to have music and dancing too, right?

Seriously a fun party.

I’ll be sharing some of the details and how-to’s this coming week.

Most everything was easily put together for pennies on the dollar.  I will show you how, starting tomorrow with the Photo Garland.

Click to see Halloween Party Wrap-Ups from 2010 and 2011.

It’s a good thing that we were able to put this party together for cheap… If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that our seemingly healthy refrigerator up and suddenly died, three days before this party.  Um, not good.  I was freaking out!  Not only because we hadn’t planned on making a big ticket purchase of any kind, but also because we need a new fridge immediately and had zero time to research and comparison shop.

Lowe’s to the rescue.  Seriously.  A very quick look online showed us that they had a great selection and super competitive prices, but also that they have free delivery and haul away the old appliance.

Out with the old fridge and in with the new!!

It is no exaggeration: I could not be any happier with our new fridge and the quick turn around time from Lowe’s.  I also am not suffering from any buyer’s remorse, or worrying that in our haste to replace the old fridge we did not get a good deal.  Yaaaay all around.  Whew.

At any rate, I am going to go print up party photos and proudly display them on our shiny new fridge.  See you tomorrow!

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  1. says

    How did you guys decide who would be the best costume? I think there was a MASSIVE amount of great costumes! I love this recap! You know how to throw a great party and all the details are always amazing! I always think of you when Halloween comes b/c I know you are coming up with the best crafty ideas! Great job!! Love the new fridge!! I feel like I need a new one now– or new washer and dryer– I thought the white was cool but now want stainless steel looking ones! fun!!

  2. says

    looks like a lot of fun and work. i would have failed big time as costume judge asthey all look pretty terrific.
    FRIDGE/LOWES – i want to add my praise to this outfit for meeting emergency needs. personally did gen. contractor for completely redoing MILs home when mouse chewed thru ice maker tubing. they worked with making the ins. money stretch for everything possible and deliveries were right on everytime AND they disposed of old fridge without charging us.

  3. says

    Vivienne, that looks like the most fun Hallowe’en party EVER! I haven’t been to or hosted a real party in so long. We were going to have a Hallowe’en party a couple of years ago and Jack woke up on October 31 with THE FLU. Not even kidding. We reluctantly cancelled the party. But seeing your photos put me in a party mood!!

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