Skeleton “specimen” art, thanks to spray paint and Dollar Store skeletons.

So yesterday when I shared my accidental faux bois painting technique… this is what I was working on.  Skeleton Specimen Artwork.

This was very easy to do.

Grab some Dollar Store Skeletons, paint them and a small piece of plywood with a good quality silver spray paint. (I used Krylon Metallic Silver spray paint)

While the silver paint is drying, if you’re me, you will use that time to search the names of bones on the internet.  If you already know that stuff, you can start cutting out letters.  I used contact paper and my Cricut to cut out adhesive letters.  (You can use store-bought adhesive letters if you like.)

When the silver paint is dry, start placing your letters where you want them.  Again, I am a big fan of the eyeball technique, but if you’re more of a precision person, feel free to measure everything out.  We’ll wait.  Done?  Great!  Spray paint over the top with a good quality black paint.  As previously mentioned, the faux bois situation is what you’ll get if you use the cheap-o stuff.

Peel off the letters, let dry, then use a high quality adhesive to glue down the skeletons.  (I like E6000 (Goop) )  When dry, just prop it up along with the rest of your Halloween decor.  Easy!

Did you know there were 206 bones in the human body?  I had to look it up.  (Science?  Me no likey.)  Had I to do it again (which I totally could, because this was so quick and easy) I would list more bones and have smaller text.  Other than that, I’m pleased with how it turned out.

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  1. says

    Now that’s cute. :)

    I know some of those bones all too well. . . around here, we’re on a first-name basis with clavicle, sternum, radius, ulna, femur, tibia, fibula. . . ugh. At least I haven’t personally met all 206!

  2. says

    Lead, and I will follow.
    This is yet another example of “if I wasn’t so dense, I could have totally come up with this!”
    It’s perfect. I love everything about it, from the colours over the words to the lil’ bony buggers.
    (bugger is not as bad a word in the UK, trust me on this)
    I really love this project to bits, and I have already thought of a way to make it all mine. Speaking of hot glue resist…
    Would you like to run away with me to a very desert island and make lots of craft projects? We could do unfathomable things to coconuts and driftwood!!!

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